Creating The Bed Of Your Dreams With The Latest Trends

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The right linens turn a bed from functional furniture into a beautiful centerpiece of the bedroom. They also add the softness and comfort that make a bed a truly delightful place for respite and relaxation. As the owner of Isabella, Charlotte’s premier source for fine linens from around the world, Erin Dougherty is definitely an expert in blissfully dressing a bed.

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While her boutique and design services encompass every area of the home, Erin has a true affinity for bedrooms, and she’s passionate about helping clients find the right linens for creating the perfect bed. Erin has her finger on the pulse of today’s linen trends, so North Carolina Design thought there would be no better person to ask about what’s new in linens, and what look today’s homeowners are choosing for their beds.

“I find that people are mixing up lots of different textures and patterns to create a layered, less formal look.” Erin explains. “When it comes to prints and patterns, we’re seeing a lot of hand-blocked, Bohemian prints, and a lot of custom embroidered shams. Romantic, vintage-inspired linens – the kind with crocheted lace on the edges and detailing on the duvets and shams are also popular. That’s a look I particularly love.”

Today’s homeowners are looking to simplify, while getting the most use out of their linen choices. “Neutral whites and ivories are popular for duvet covers and shams,” Erin continues. “If you start with a pretty white or ivory bed, you can add in punches of trendy colors in the pillows, sheets and blankets. It’s a good way to update your linens without investing in a whole new look – you can just change the accent pieces out.”

In today’s homes, neutral gray seems to be the new beige. Erin finds that this tendency influences some of today’s more popular linen color choices. “A lot of people tell us they have neutral gray walls or headboards,” she explains. “We’re pulling a lot of colors that complement gray, like lilac, soft pinks, corals and different shades of blue. Neutral metallics are also popular -– mostly in accent pieces like pillows.”

Erin asserts that the whole trend in linens is toward something that’s simple, comfortable and practical. “Instead of having three small pillows, you’ll find people choosing one long lumbar pillow,” she notes. “They don’t want anything on their bed that’s cumbersome, can’t be used, or is hard to clean or maintain. Fortunately, there are many lightweight sheeting, duvet cover and quilted coverlet options available, with many different patterns and colors to choose from. They’re also washable, which homeowners love.”

When it comes to choosing linens, homeowners sometimes have trouble knowing where to start. That’s where Erin and her staff come in. “We ask the usual questions,” she says. “Do they prefer a down comforter? How do they sleep? What pillow sizes do they need? What layers do they need? Then we present them with style options. We guide them toward a more neutral base and help them choose accent colors to add in.”

Like many of her customers, Erin is excited by all that today’s linens have to offer. “There are so many more options now, and so many new up-and-coming linen designers,” she offers. “There’s a lot more eclectic mixing and matching, and things are a lot less fussy. Your bed can still be luxurious, but it doesn’t have to be so luxurious that you’re afraid to sleep in it.”

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