Classic Interior Design Of A Young Girl’s Bedroom

Posted on | August 24, 2012 | 1 Comment

As one of our favorite Winston-Salem Interior Designers, June Delugas, of June Delugas Interiors, shares with us today the challenges of carrying a specific design scheme throughout the entire home – specifically into the room of a client’s young daughter. How does June satisfy the client’s design wishes while adding in a bit of whimsy certain to delight a 7 year old?

When a friend and client came to me and asked me to work on the interior design of the home she and her husband were planning to build, I gladly accepted. Her vision for a French Chateau styled house began to take shape during the construction phase. The décor of the entire home would also reflect this desire, including the interior design of her 7 year old daughter’s bedroom. Knowing this was her only daughter, it was my pleasure to create a special room for this very special young lady.

Images Courtesy of June Delugas Interiors

We paid attention to even the smallest of details. In design, it’s the details that make all the difference. Much thought was put into the selection of the furniture, bedding, artwork, fabrics, trims and paint colors. While the desire was French Chateau, I also kept in mind that this was a young girl’s room. We wanted to create a space that was in keeping with the overall scheme, but since the room was for a 7 year old girl, we also wanted it to be playful.

In designing the window treatments, I thought of a beautiful party dress with a kick pleat. A contrasting fabric was used in the pleat, with tassel trim along the leading edges of the pleat. The walls were Mellowed Ivory by Benjamin Moore in Pearl Finish. I added a touch of playfulness into the alcove with an ice cream parlor set I found, also adding custom made seat cushions which coordinated with the hand painted bench. Every girl needs a tea set and dishes, which my client had brought back from her travels to France.

My client had envisioned completing the design of the home over a two year period. The builder, Wolfe Homes, of Greensboro, discussed with the homeowners the possibility of cutting the timeline for the interior design from two years to one. With the construction and the interior design work fully completed, the home could then be show cased on tour for several weekends the following year as the Holiday House, with tour proceeds benefiting the Greensboro Children’s Museum. My client and her husband agreed and we moved into high gear. Hard work? Yes. But it was a pleasure sharing the ambiance of Chateau de Noel with all who toured the home.

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  1. Diamond
    November 20th, 2012 @ 8:10 AM

    That is a really quant and cute design, I love the use of yellow and pink which really go well together. I also like the period pieces of furniture which match the original style of the building.

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