Charlotte Remodeler Demonstrates That Details Really Do Matter In Creating A Distinctive & Unique Space

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Details really do matter: they are the parts that make up the sum of a space, and they make the difference between a good design and something truly superb. Thorough attention to detail has earned Charlotte remodeler Eddie DeRhodes, owner of DeRhodes Construction, a reputation for crafting stellar homes that go far above and beyond his clients’ expectations. Today’s featured home showcases how the right details can wow even the most exacting client. Eddie sat down with North Carolina Design to talk about this richly detailed and distinctive space, which was borne out of the homeowner’s singular vision.

The homeowners, a married couple with teenage and young adult children, were looking to renovate their existing home. “They felt it was finally time to transform their home so that it reflected their lifestyle,” Eddie tells us. “They love food, they love entertaining, and they love nice things. They really just love life. They collect fine art and exceptional, collectible furniture pieces, and they are drawn to things that that are unique, interesting and eclectic.”

Eddie really enjoyed working with the clients. He appreciated their keen eye, and the importance they placed on their home’s details. “They were ideal clients, in that they knew exactly what they wanted, and they were very committed to their vision, yet they were patient and low-key,” he says. “They didn’t micromanage. They didn’t care how something got done, or when – they only cared that it was done exactly the way they wanted it done. And they really trusted us to get it right for them.”

The homeowners brought Ohio designer Randy Basselman onto the project, and he and Eddie made a great team. ““Randy created the design, and I implemented the design and worked out the practical details. We both believe that quality, service and attention to detail are fundamental, so we worked well with each other, and with the clients.”

The project began as a kitchen remodel and grew from there. “Much of the project was about taking down walls between these two rooms to open up the space,” reflects Eddie. “The walls really divided the house into pieces. The homeowners wanted to have an open space where they could entertain more easily. They also wanted something that flowed better aesthetically, and helped showcase their art and furniture.”

The design flowed from the traditional fireplace that was previously in the family room. “Once we opened up the space, we realized that two fireplaces weren’t necessary. The homeowners wanted something more modern and eclectic instead, so we created an art wall with custom bookshelves. The art wall stands out, but it also flows with the rest of the design, and it can be seen from the kitchen.”

Everywhere you look you’ll find something beautiful and intriguing to admire, but the kitchen is especially exquisite. The unique cabinetry features alternating shades of both brown and gray, which somehow flow seamlessly together. The bold metallic lamp above the kitchen island commands attention, and draws the eye up toward the exquisite wooden ceiling detail. The hand-hammered kitchen hood, which Eddie designed specifically for the space, lends an industrial touch. Meanwhile, the puzzle piece backsplash – made from hand crafted tiles imported from Italy – adds curves, color, and modern artistry.

“We spent hours putting that puzzle together,” Eddie recalls. “We spread it out on the first floor, and the wife stood on the second floor and helped us figure out what pattern worked best.” Everything in the space is deliberate and thoughtful. Everything is a juxtaposition of structured patterns and off-kilter lines and curves. And everything is exactly as the clients wanted. “To me, attention to detail speaks to quality,” says Eddie. “We gave the clients the highly detailed, exceptional quality design they were looking for. I take a lot of pride in that.”

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