Charlotte Interior Designer Offers “Double Day Design” – Empowering Clients In The Project Implementation

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The most inspired design ideas come from passionate designers looking to fulfill the needs of their clients. Charlotte interior designer, Traci Zeller, owner of Traci Zeller Designs, is known for her fresh and innovative approach to design. As the mom of twin boys, she also has a passion for offering families design solutions that are both beautiful and family-friendly. Enter Double Day Design, Traci’s “two rooms, two days” service. North Carolina Design talked to Traci about how Double Day works, and got the scoop on how a family with one daughter and triplet sons used it to make over nearly every room in their home.

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“I started offering Double Day as a way for clients who had the time and the desire to do a lot of the design implementation themselves,” Traci recounts. “I have found that it really empowers clients. They can be as hands-on as they like. They can accomplish things on their time, and within their budget. And they can work their way through their house one step at a time. They can completely finish one or two rooms, rather than spreading their money around on multiple half-finished projects.”

Traci’s two-day process is simple and straightforward. “I go to their house on day one, and we talk about the two rooms they want to change. We go over color palettes, finish and fabric options, furniture, and space planning, until we have a good idea of what’s going to happen in each room. Before I leave, I give them a plan, and a checklist. They have to try out the furniture, pull fabric samples, meet with contractors and go shopping.”

Once the clients have had time to do their research, Traci comes back for the second day. “That’s my chance to grade their homework,” she quips. “We go through everything they’ve learned and all of the decisions they’ve made, and we pull it all together. I pull up my report, which gives them clear guidance on how to put the rooms together themselves.”

Traci loved working with this mom of multiples to achieve the perfect design. “She is a mom who loves design and has great personal style all on her own,” she notes. “She just needed some help pulling everything together. She wanted to avoid mistakes, so she was looking for a designer’s guidance. She liked the hands-on process because it was really fun for her, and it was something she could work on while her kids were in preschool, or after they had gone to bed.”

The client’s first Double Day encompassed the back porch and the powder room. “That project really helped me get to know more about her life, her style, and her kids, and I was able to build on that knowledge for future projects,” Traci reflects. Next came the dining room and the living room, then finally, the daughter’s room. “The last project was just one room,” Tracy concedes. “The client used the second day to take care of odds and ends in other rooms, like changing paint colors and carpeting.”

The client wanted her house to reflect her style, yet be suited to a young family. Tracy was able to help her achieve both objectives. “She has a very, very current style, but she also loves mid-century pieces,” she says. “She also has four young kids, so she can’t have stuff in her house that can’t stand up to wear and tear. We came up with a design that’s fresh and modern, but works for her lifestyle, and had those mid-century touches she envisioned.”

Traci’s Double Day Design concept really speaks to her passion as a designer. “I love working with families, and this is a really family-friendly way to approach design,” she affirms. “It’s a great value for my clients, as it saves them money and works with their schedule. And they end up with a room that looks fantastic. It’s win-win.”

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