Charlotte Interior Designer Details Beauty In A Classic And Timeless Manner, Reflecting A Love Of Tradition & History

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There are two sides to the design process. There’s the creative, intuitive side, in which designers run with their inspirations and play with texture, color and light to achieve the right look and feel. Then there’s the nuts-and-bolts side, where they assess the homeowners’ needs, create a budget, coordinate selections, maintain a schedule, and ensure the whole process stays firmly on track. A good designer artfully balances these two different sides of the process as they create welcoming living spaces that are a seamless fusion of beauty and function.

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Charlotte designer Anne Buresh of Anne Buresh Interior Design is known for her beautiful, thoughtfully appointed interiors. While each of her spaces deftly reflects the individual tastes and desires of her clients, they all have a common thread – a classic, timeless appeal, with just a touch of romantic flair, and a fresh and inviting feel.

Anne discovered her passion for design at a very early age. “As far back as I can remember, I have always been very aware of my surroundings,” she reflects. “Even as a young child, I was always rearranging things, trying to create a sense of calmness and comfort. I always led the charge with the holiday decorations.”

Anne’s clean and classic sensibilities have deep roots. “My grandmother lived in a historic house in Halifax,” she recounts. “She was an interior decorator. She had wonderful taste. She was very classic, and very particular. Some of my very best memories are of leafing through her fabric book. I was actually named for her, so it feels like fate in some way. I just have it in my blood.”

The classic elements in Anne’s designs reflect her love of tradition and history and her desire to give her clients a design with longevity. The fuel, however, that drives each design is her desire to infuse every space with a sense of personality and life. “You want your larger elements – the ones you can’t easily change – to be timeless,” she observes. “But you don’t want to end up with a collection of beautiful stuff that has no personality.”

“I like to have fun with art and accessories. That’s where you can really be bold, where you can embrace trends, and reflect the homeowner’s individuality. Of course, to do that you have to listen, listen, listen, and you have to observe. So, I’m looking at their artwork. I’m looking at their shoes. I’m poking around in their closets. Because if you meet Becky at the bank on Thursday and then come to her house on Saturday, you should be able to say ‘yes, this makes complete sense.’”

Creating a deeply client-oriented design is where Anne’s finely-honed intuition and sense of aesthetics meets her driven, no-nonsense project management system. “I ask a ton of questions,” she admits. “How many around the dining table? Do you linger in the dining room? Who do you entertain? How do you work, live, eat, play? Once I assess their needs, I come up with a budget on the spot. Then I set meetings and pull selections. It’s a very orderly, very determined process.”

A process that gets results, it seems. “It’s amazing to see the big reveal,” she says. “The kids twirl around. Some of the husbands have tears. They say ‘You really listened and you did what you said you would do.’ Or, ‘I never used this room, but now I’ll sit here and have a glass of wine every day.’ It’s emotional for me, too – I feel like I have this talent – this passion – and I use it to help people live comfortably and beautifully and peacefully.”

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