Charlotte Home Reflects Classic Design Concepts Enlivened With A Fresh Bold Feel

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In the right hands, the balance between old and new design elements can create something thoroughly captivating, exceptionally beautiful, and wholly unique. Such is the case with today’s featured home, a Charlotte residence made wonderfully new by Greensboro interior designer Linda Knight Carr, owner of Knight Carr and Company. Linda is known for her high taste level and her fresh take on classic design concepts – qualities that served her well when meeting this client’s set of demands. Linda was gracious enough to share the details of this exciting project with North Carolina Design.

The client previously lived in a very large house on Lake Norman. She had downsized to a smaller home, where she could be closer to city life. The new home didn’t require much in terms of structural changes. “We did some construction on the upper level, and we made some adjustments in the kitchen, but the project mostly involved new paint and new windows,” she tells us. “This project was less about significantly changing the layout, and more about creating a very specific and unique aesthetic.”

“The client’s previous home was very traditional. It was heavily decorated, and it had a red, gold and green color scheme. While she planned to use some of the existing elements from the former house, she really wanted to do something bold and different with this new space. She had envisioned something classic and dressy, but with a fresh, modern feel and a cooler, monochromatic color palette. She also wanted to add some artistic touches that were a little bolder and more fun.”

Much of the client’s existing furniture was comprised of antiques and traditional heirloom pieces that she didn’t want to part with. Linda’s challenge was to incorporate these items into the design, while still providing a contemporary aesthetic that showcased the client’s unique style. “The dining table, chairs and sideboard had belonged to her parents, and using them was important to her.” recounts Linda. “We modernized the dining space by using a simple wall covering and a sisal carpet.”

In the breakfast area, Linda used a traditional table and chairs the client already owned. “To make that space more livable and fun, we added an eclectic light fixture and a bold wall covering. We resized the client’s existing leopard carpet to fit the space. It’s bold, and practical. Her grandkids could eat there without every little spill showing up on the rug. We also took the client’s existing china and porcelain into consideration, and used colors in the space that would relate to them.”

Throughout the home, Linda balances soothing tonal neutrals with gold shimmer and intermittent pops of color, pattern and texture. Meanwhile, thoughtfully chosen art pieces add drama, personality, and a touch of whimsy, and lucite, glass and metal add cool sophistication. The result is a grounded, classic, elegant space with a fresh, vibrant energy and a playful attitude.

One of the elements that best reflects the spirit of this design is the gracious and beautiful entry hall statue. “We wanted to create this take-your-breath-away moment right when you walk in the door,” recalls Linda. “You have this tall, elegant bronze statue that consumes the space and makes a bold artistic statement. The hall mirror reflects the statue so that you can see it from different angles and perspectives as you come down the stairs.”

Another significant element is the exceptional artwork. “My client fell in love with these paintings by Rimi Yang. They drove the design in terms of color. We pulled much of the home’s color palette from them, including the bold pops of blue, which we hadn’t really used in a space before.” Linda thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating this unique space for her client. “I loved that she was so open to jumping the chasm to a whole new look,” she says. “It really opened up a lot of exciting possibilities. But my favorite part was the fact that she now loves everything about her home. It’s beautiful, and it completely suits her.”

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