Charlotte Designer / Fine Linen Boutique Creates The Bed Of Your Dreams – A Luxurious Reward At Day’s End

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While life today can be stressful and hectic, one of the great joys of a modern homeowner is sinking into a cozy, comfortable, luxurious bed at the end of a long day. But how do you build a bed that looks chic and beautiful, and offers the kind of sublime comfort that you crave? For the answer, North Carolina Design knew just who to turn to – Erin Dougherty, owner of Isabella , a go-to resource in Charlotte for both interior designers and discerning homeowners in search of beautiful bed linens.

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While Isabella specializes in fine linens, it is far more than a linen showroom. “We have several different high quality linen lines, and we can special order almost anything,” says Erin. “But it’s not just about linens – we offer pretty much anything you need for the bedroom, from lamps to nightstands to artwork. We also offer our clients design services. We can help them create their dream bedroom.”

“When a client is interested in creating a bed, we ask them a few questions,” Erin explains. “How do they like to sleep? Do they have a king or a queen size bed? Do they use a duvet? Do they have an existing headboard? Are there any fabrics already in the room? Do they want a more formal or relaxed look? Once we have all the answers, we look around the shop and start pulling ideas from our selection.”

Erin notes that there are several “must have” elements to the perfect bed. “It all comes down to having really good staples,” she advises. “Great down pillows, a nice down comforter, a great set of sheets and maybe some cozy cotton blankets. I personally love a nice duvet cover. You can layer it with a quilt or a soft throw, and then add an accent pillow. I believe that everything on your bed should be simple, washable and comfortable, but really luxurious at the same time.”

“When it comes to style, I suggest going more neutral with the main linens and adding pops of color with pillows, or at the end of the bed in a throw. Neutral bedding lasts a lot longer in terms of style – you can always switch out pillows to change the look. There are lots of options for neutral colors – you can do white, gray, cream, or linen color. And you don’t have to stick with just one. You can mix and match neutral colors in layers.”

Today’s homeowners favor an eclectic, layered look over something that’s perfectly put together. “They want something that doesn’t look really predictable,” Erin explains. “We’ll layer colors and textures, and even mix and match products from different lines and companies. This creates a look that’s a little more ‘collected’ and artistic. We can also add interest and color with embroidered or printed sheets or pillowcases. We have great lines from artists that feature things like embroidery, hand-dyed fabric and appliques.”

Erin believes each layer of bedding should be well thought out, and tailored to a homeowner’s preferences. “For sheets, we always ask homeowners if they like percale or sateen,” she recounts. “They’re both made from Egyptian cotton, but percale has a crisp feel, while sateen is silkier. For the top of the bed, the duvet is always popular. But if you don’t like a duvet you can do a quilted coverlet, a throw bed, or textured blankets folded at the bottom of the bed. Or you could do a matelasse for a softer and cozier look.”

In the end, today’s homeowners want bedding that’s simple and easy to care for, but still beautiful and luxurious. “People want a more relaxed, softer look that’s simple and timeless,” Erin affirms. “It makes sense – your bed shouldn’t just be something beautiful to look at. It should be something you can’t wait to get into at the end of the day.”

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