Chapel Hill Kitchen Designers Dish On The Latest Trends And Design Styles For Today’s Kitchen

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Some aspects of kitchen design are classic and timeless, while others change quickly. At North Carolina Design, we always like to stay on top with everything that’s new in this most beloved of spaces, so we reached out to Cederberg Kitchens & Additions in Chapel Hill. Under the guidance of owner by Bill Cederberg, the company has been creating thoughtful and exceptionally executed designs for over two decades.

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We talked to Jennifer Watkins and Christina Vernon, both of whom have been putting their considerable skills and talents to use at Cederberg for several years. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s new in kitchens, and they were happy to tell us more about what’s trending right now – as well as to give us a tiny sneak peek into the future.

“From what we’re seeing, homeowners are opting for kitchens that have a more transitional look – simple, clean, contemporary lines, but a classic feel,” says Christina. As far as function is concerned, homeowners want a space that can multi-task. “They want to be able to cook and entertain in their kitchen, so they are looking for a design that gives them plenty of space to do both,” explains Jennifer. “Families tend to want to include a designated space where kids can do homework and activities and still be at the center of things.”

While every home is unique, Christina and Jennifer have noticed some clear aesthetic trends in kitchens. “Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of white kitchens with gray accents and marble-style countertops,” Christina tells us. Jennifer agrees, but adds “We’re also seeing a lot of dark espresso, and a lot of natural maple color. In general, the cabinetry, countertops and floor in today’s kitchens all tend to be neutral, and homeowners add a pop of color with wall paint, or with accents in pottery, or towels, or linens.”

Christina and Jennifer note that backsplashes are as popular as ever, but preferences have changed. “We have been doing very simple backsplashes,” Christina reflects. “They tend to be a single color. We use different textures, patterns and sizes to create interest, rather than different colors.” Jennifer adds “Homeowners are leaning toward larger tile sizes – particularly elongated rectangular tiles that run horizontally.”

Homeowners are keeping their appliances simple as well. “They’re not looking to add more,” Christina explains. “They’re more focused on upgrading the ones they have — maybe a bigger stove, an updated dishwasher, a better hood, or just a nicer appliance brand. Their priority is value, and they only want to spend money on things they really need and can make use of.”

Jennifer tells us that quartz is slowly gaining popularity for countertops. “It’s more durable and easier to maintain than granite,” she notes. “In the past, quartz didn’t come in natural tones, but now it comes in colors and patterns that mimic granite, and even marble.” That’s not to say that granite isn’t still a popular choice. “People still like granite – they just don’t want to have the same granite as everyone else,” says Christina. “They want something that’s really unique, and has a lot of color and movement.”

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is still the most popular choice by far. “Nine times out of ten, homeowners choose hardwood,” affirms Jennifer. “Most of the floors we do are in a lighter finish. People love the look of dark wood, but they find that everything shows up — dog hair, crumbs, scratches, etc. Dark wood also doesn’t wear as well – you can see the traffic pattern more easily.”

Christina and Jennifer gave us their predictions for the next big things in kitchens. “There’s a new tile option that resembles wood,” says Christina. “It’s really beautiful — it’s rough and textured and looks really natural. I think it’s going to become really popular.” Jennifer adds “I think that brushed gold hardware is going to be really big. I love how it looks against white marble. I actually think a lot of cool things are happening in kitchen design. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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