Celebrating The Classic Staples Of Interior Design

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A classic design is a true picture of comfort and delight. Betsy Anderson of Betsy Anderson Interiors & Co. in Raleigh is well-known for creating spaces that invoke a classic and timeless look and feel, while remaining fresh, updated and inviting. North Carolina Design talked with Betsy to recently find out just how she achieves her clean, yet warm and richly nuanced designs.

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“Being from Boston, I feel a real connection to history,” Betsy affirms. “I try to bring a sense of history into my designs in a way that’s stylish and sophisticated. That goes a long way toward giving a space a classic feel.”

Betsy adds a bit of New England spirit to each project, deriving inspiration not only from the clean and classic style the area is known for, but from the landscape itself. “The upper Eastern Seaboard has such continuity,” she explains. “You have this dark gray, rocky coast that extends for miles, and all of the shades and colors move easily through the space. It’s also foggy, so there’s a softness and gentleness to the landscape that give it a timeless quality.”

Betsy incorporates these elements into her designs, using fluid lines and subtle color variations to create a look that’s harmonious, soothing to the eye, and truly enduring.

According to Betsy, an emotional connection is also essential to creating a classic feel. “Evoking emotion is an important thing – it gives you a sense of calm and peace in your home,” she explains. “Sometimes you walk through a room and all you come away with is ‘that was a pretty bed.’ I try to create a look that goes a bit deeper by putting things into the home that already have a past.

“Whether it’s an old stool, an old leather ottoman, or an old box that was once used for firewood, I like to incorporate items that have had a use and a purpose and show a little wear and tear. They give the space some meaning, they add depth to the design, and they help create a classic and timeless effect.”

Equally significant to an emotional component is the classic element of balance. “A room that has order and balance is soothing and comfortable,” Betsy notes. “I create balance using the principles of scale, proportion and symmetry. I often use pairing to create symmetry, such as pairs of chairs at a table or pairs of lanterns in a long hallway.”

Betsy also balances the clean and symmetrical feel of each space with unexpected touches of color, texture and patterns. “I might place two different chairs opposite one another, or use artwork that represents different genres, but is similar in terms of weight. It’s important to mix things up, so that the space stays fresh and interesting.”

Betsy derives great joy from creating classic designs. “I really do love my work,” she affirms. It’s so wonderful to see all of these elements come together seamlessly, and to end up with a warm, beautiful and meaningful space for my clients.”

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