Interior Designer’s Dream Project, Dream Process and Dream Clients Combine To Produce Incredible & Beautiful Results

Most people have an idea of a  dream home – homes perfectly tailored to their needs and aesthetic desires. And most designers have an idea of a dream project – projects tailored to their strengths, connected to their passions, and challenging in all the best ways. Asheville interior designer Kathryn Long, owner of Ambiance Interiors, [...]

2017 Trends In Carpet & Flooring -A Guide To What’s Happening Underfoot

Flooring has to be highly functional, beautiful, and perpetually appealing to the ever-shifting tastes of homeowners. It’s a tall order, and the flooring industry constantly works to find better ways to address all of these important factors. Barbara Leininger, owner of Charlotte’s Floor Coverings International, is a bona fide expert in floor coverings. She brings [...]

Selecting The Right Rug Elevates The Décor, Taking The Interior Design Of A Room To A Wonderful New Level

When well-chosen, a rug can do so much more than fill up a blank space or complement a décor. It can light up a room and elevate a design to a wonderful new level. So how does one choose the right rug? To find out, North Carolina Design turned to Nelda Lay and Cynthia McLaren [...]

Stark Carpet – Unique And Trendsetting Designs That Perfectly Complete the Decor Of Any Space

No feeling compares to sinking your toes into a decadently soft rug, and a beautiful finely crafted carpet instantly adds texture, character and subtle artistry to a space. No one knows better how the right rug can enhance a design than Drew Olsen, manager of the Stark Carpet Charlotte location. Founded in 1940, Stark Carpet [...]

The Rugs Of Today – Traditional And Contemporary Rugs Awash In Soft Color Palettes, As Classic Bold, Strong Colors Remain

I’ve heard the question posed before, does the room make the rug or does the rug make the room? Hands down, I am definitely a believer that the rug makes the room. Without a rug, the room is incomplete, lacking the ability to make a real statement. The question is, how do you go about [...]

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