Four Decades Of Design – Asheville Interior Designer Reveals The Elements That Have Shaped Design Over the Past 40 Years

At North Carolina Design, we often try to peek forward in time to see what exciting new design elements are on the horizon. But, there is also great value in reflecting on the past, to see how it has shaped the present. Asheville interior design firm Ambiance Interiors recently celebrated its 40 year anniversary, which [...]

Raleigh Kitchen Designer Blends Aesthetics And Functionality To Create The Kitchen Of Her Clients’ Dreams

There are two essential elements to every design – a good aesthetic and thoughtful function. The two must be carefully balanced and tailored to the people who will live in the space. This is an especially tall order for kitchens, where function is critical to a successful design. Fortunately, homeowners in North Carolina have experts [...]

Piedmont Triad Lighting Expert Illuminates The Latest Trends In Lights, Finishes And Styles

If you have ever marveled at a sparkling, cascading chandelier or felt the tranquility of a softly lit room, you know the power lighting has to transform a space. However, many people don’t how complex and significant finding the right lighting fixture can be. Angie Brown, owner of Illuminations of the Triad in Kernersville, has [...]

Say It Ain’t Faux! These Charlotte And Greensboro Artisans Detail The Latest In Decorative Finishes For The Home

The most inspired artwork doesn’t always sit neatly within a frame. For Nathan Wainscott of Inspire By Color in Greensboro, and Charlotte decorative artisan Jon Gustafson, the entire home is a blank canvas. Both Jon and Nathan have parlayed their considerable creativity and artistic skills into a career in which they add warmth, color and [...]

Koi Ponds Adding Beauty And Grace To Carolina Landscapes

Water gardens are a wonderful way to add life and beauty to an outdoor space. Koi ponds add an especially intriguing element; the fish are colorful, graceful and soothing to watch, which is why many homeowners have made maintaining them a hobby. To find out a bit more about what goes into creating the perfect [...]

Design Reflections On Mirrors

When I moved into my first “real” home, my mother arrived at my door with a housewarming gift – a mirror. She informed me that it was the ”one absolute must” for the foyer of my new home. Who was I to argue? I’ve since learned that mirrors are not only decorative and functional, they [...]

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