Master Bath Entries – All Winners In My Mind

I wanted to share a detailed summary on the other entries in our Readers’ Choice Master Bath Contest. Everyone will agree, the quality of the work is outstanding. I wanted you, our Readers to be able to know more than just the name and location of these entries. With words, I want to in a [...]

We Have A Winner! Readers’ Choice Master Bath Contest

About a month ago, I mentioned the best tagline I ever came up with for a print ad. A picture of an incredible shower filled the page, and in bold letters, the ad read, “Shouldn’t the room that you spend 7 years of your life in pamper you?” I still say, “Yes!” This past month, [...]

The Design Of Master Baths: Size Really Does Matter

For the master bath, I have to say that I am a fan of … bigger. That said, I don’t believe that size translates into better for every area of the home, but I do like the concept of a spacious spa-like retreat in this most personal of spaces. In our Readers’ Choice Master Bath [...]

Rest For The Weary – NC Design Master Bath Contest

One of the most wonderful things about staying in a luxurious hotel is the bathroom. The soaps, the lotions, the towels, the robes… and ohhh, the shower. Forget about the hotel spa, I like the one that is right there in the room! What I am enjoying in this month’s Readers’ Choice Contest is that [...]

Creativity Abounds In The Design Of Master Baths

Six or seven years ago I remodeled the master bath in my home. My favorite feature of the room is the frameless shower. This replaced a much out dated garden tub from the eighties. White cabinetry and white tile throughout, I still love it as much now as I did the day it was completed. [...]

Having A Calgon Moment In the Master Bath

Do you remember the days when the Master Bathroom was this match box sized room, barely twice the size of the tub? We had one in the house I grew up in. My, how things have changed! Each of these entries in our Readers’ Choice Master Bath Contest is certainly a haven from the outside [...]

Readers’ Choice Contest: Master Baths Awash In Elegance

The first year we published North Carolina Design in our magazine days, I recall an incredibly beautiful bathroom that appeared in the ad on the back cover. The accompanying text read, “Shouldn’t the room that you spend 7 of your life in pamper you?” I still answer that question with a resounding, “Yes!” Today, we [...]

NC Design Readers’ Choice Awards – Call For Entries

As our state’s premier interior design, remodeling and home décor resource guide, North Carolina Design Online will call upon our Readers to cast their votes – for their favorite Master Bathroom. Starting Monday November 5th, eligible Participants in our Readers Choice Awards Contest, will have the opportunity to win a year of free advertising! From [...]

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