Four Decades Of Design – Asheville Interior Designer Reveals The Elements That Have Shaped Design Over the Past 40 Years

At North Carolina Design, we often try to peek forward in time to see what exciting new design elements are on the horizon. But, there is also great value in reflecting on the past, to see how it has shaped the present. Asheville interior design firm Ambiance Interiors recently celebrated its 40 year anniversary, which [...]

Interior Designer’s Dream Project, Dream Process and Dream Clients Combine To Produce Incredible & Beautiful Results

Most people have an idea of a  dream home – homes perfectly tailored to their needs and aesthetic desires. And most designers have an idea of a dream project – projects tailored to their strengths, connected to their passions, and challenging in all the best ways. Asheville interior designer Kathryn Long, owner of Ambiance Interiors, [...]

Charlotte Designer Creates Award Winning 2015 Homearama House With Show Stopping Interiors, Room After Room

Designers work hard to give each client a home that will meet their unique individual needs. What happens, however, when there’s no specific client? Kendra Tardif White of Pheasant Hill Designs is known for her highly personalized, client driven designs. When asked earlier this year to design a yet unsold new build for Charlotte’s 2015 [...]

Traditional Home Junior League Of High Point 2015 Designer Showhouse Opens

For interior design professionals and design savvy homeowners, it’s no secret that April in North Carolina means High Point Furniture Market. But wait! This year, there is an incredible bonus. The Junior League of High Point and Traditional Home Magazine present the incredible Junior League of High Point 2015 Designer Showhouse highlighting the talents of [...]

Creating The Bed Of Your Dreams With The Latest Trends

The right linens turn a bed from functional furniture into a beautiful centerpiece of the bedroom. They also add the softness and comfort that make a bed a truly delightful place for respite and relaxation. As the owner of Isabella, Charlotte’s premier source for fine linens from around the world, Erin Dougherty is definitely an [...]

Passion For Pattern In The Home

If you look in my closet, you can tell that I love color. I am drawn to things that make a beautiful splash. While I recognize that not everyone is drawn to bright colors, I believe that patterns have the ability to put the personality in a wardrobe – or an interior. Today we hear [...]

2012 Spring High Point Market: 2 Colorful Thumbs Up

I recently saw a report on the news about the Spring 2012 High Point Furniture Market. Can you tell me what we can expect to see in furniture and fabrics in the coming months. Thanks! Kaitlin Much thanks to North Carolina Design in letting me present my view of the Spring 2012 High Point Market. [...]

High Point Market Spring 2012 – A Colorful Delight

Anyone who is remotely connected with interior design knows that High Point is the place to be this week. Wall Streeters talk so often about ‘the market,’ but right now, the market that holds the attention of so many throughout North Carolina and across the country is the High Point Market. Spring ’12 High Point [...]

Fabric Friday: Divine Design Meets Functional Fabrics

I have always enjoyed wearing bold and bright colors.  I don’t know what season that makes me. I’ve just always known that it works well for me. I can recall several years ago, shopping for something to wear to a somewhat dressy affair. It was a time when earth tones were all the rage. After [...]

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