The Inviting Neutrals of This Contemporary Condo Are Nicely Complemented By Subtle Beauty & Drama

As design enthusiasts, we live for spaces that offer beauty, drama, and artistry. But these elements don’t always come in a bold, showy package. A true expert knows how to make an impact, even while keeping a space clean, sophisticated, and understated. As owner and principal of preeminent Raleigh design firm Colorful Concepts Interior Design, [...]

Mother Nature Would Be Proud – The Transformation Of Natural Stone Into Works Of Art That Are Also Eco-Friendly

When it comes to home design, we know how much details matter. That’s why we appreciate not only designers and builders, but the craftsmen, vendors and experts who pour their passion into the smaller things that make a home exceptional. We would be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate than Laura Grandlienard, owner and founder [...]

The Fine Art Of Well Edited & Beautifully Accented Interiors – Charlotte Designer Details This Critical Final Step

Accenting an interior is an integral part of creating a balanced, well put together space. Options for decorative accents are literally endless. Knowing what to place where, how to group items, and – perhaps most importantly – when to say when – is essential to a design that tells a compelling, consistent story and comes [...]

Raleigh Interior Designer Uses Art To Add Beauty To A Space, Set A Tone & Tell The Story Of Her Clients

Every selection in a space serves to add beauty and help tell a story. However, there is something truly transcendent about art. The right piece of art pulls a room together, helps sets a tone and a mood and takes the overall design to an entirely new level. Raleigh interior designer Sally Williams, owner of [...]

Durham Interior Designer Affirms That Classic Design Is Based On Good Form, Good Lines And Good Principles

A classic design calls to mind elegance, grace, and timeless beauty. But, as Durham interior designer Minta Bell of Minta Bell Design Group can tell us, classic design can also be daring, colorful, diverse in style, and richly nuanced. Minta is an expert at creating interiors that are thoughtful and tasteful, yet bold and inspiring. [...]

In The Symmetry Of Geometrics, Asheville Artist Kenn Kotara Reveals A Bold, Fresh Style And A Distinctive Voice

Art and mathematics are not disciplines people readily associate with one another. That is, of course, unless those people are familiar with the works of noted Asheville artist Kenn Kotara. With his grid based abstracts, Kenn deftly bridges the gap between the fluid and visceral expressiveness of art and the order and tidy symmetry of [...]

It’s A Fine Art: Wilmington Designer Draws Inspiration From Clients’ Worldwide Collection Of Art

Each home’s design is as unique as its owners. It’s up to a designer to find a way to showcase their client’s distinctive style and bring their vision to life. This is no small task, but Angela Crittenden, of Teal Interior Design makes it look easy. The Wilmington interior design firm is known for creating [...]

Using A Variety of Patterns And Colors, Asheville Artist Creates Order, Adding Beauty And Interest To A Space

Art does far more than dress up a wall; it adds beauty, complexity and dimension to a home’s design. Art is also far more than a simple arrangement of forms and colors – it’s a window into the artist’s inner world, and an attempt to capture, define and share a feeling or moment in time [...]

Storage Tips For Your Art Collection

Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed, and the best storage area that most of us have is right there on the walls of our climate-controlled homes. Occasionally, however, it becomes necessary, especially for avid collectors, to store art—either temporarily or long-term. By following a few safety guidelines, you can protect the value and [...]

How to Select & Display Sculpture

There is no hard and fast rule on how to select sculpture. Choose what you love rather than what you think will be an investment piece. The value of a piece is irrelevant if you don’t love to look at it. The greatest value of art is the enjoyment we reap every day as we [...]

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