Design Professionals Creating A Real Sense Of Place

There’s no doubt that living rooms, family rooms and dens are the rooms we live in which convey a real sense of place. They have the ability to let us feel immediately at ease at the end of a long day and greet our guests with a warm welcome as they enter our homes. Each [...]

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens: Unmasking The Indentities!

Creativity abounds in these living rooms, family rooms and dens. Like our Readers, I truly loved every entry in this year’s 2013 Living In Style Reader’s Choice Contest. You’ve seen the winner and runner up. Today, North Carolina Design is excited to reveal the identities of the first group of amazingly talented professionals behind the [...]

2013 Best Designs For Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Dens

Living rooms, family rooms and dens – throughout the day and before retiring each evening, these are the spaces where we spend most of the time in our homes. Over the past month, in our 2013 Living In Style Readers’ Choice Contest, we have presented rooms designed by some of the most talented professionals from [...]

The Warm Welcome Of Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Dens

Whether you are entertaining friends, curling up with a good book or spending time with family – these are the rooms that most often reflect who you are and the journey you have thus far taken in life. Today, living rooms, family rooms and dens are designed to be enjoyed and lived in on a [...]

The Natural Element Of Interior Design

Today’s newest addition to our Living In Style Contest is an example of how fresh flowers and plants allow a room to really come alive. Because nature has the ability to provide beautiful accents to the décor of a room, it also makes a wonderful subject matter for art, as is the case in many [...]

NC Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens: Vote For Your Fav!

Living rooms, family rooms and dens – they are the places where we gather with family, entertain guests, or relax with a book. For the next month these rooms will make a dramatic statement on North Carolina Design as we present our second annual Living With Style Readers’ Choice Contest. From classic to contemporary – [...]

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