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Let’s face it: the Carolinas are host to near-perfect year-round weather. Sunny Carolina Blue skies and light easy breezes are common. Many residents take advantage of this glorious circumstance with a custom outdoor living space.
Fontaine Outdoor Living Space presented by North Carolina Design OnlineImage Courtesy of Fontaine Landscaping Inc.

Once considered a luxury of the ultra-rich, outdoor living now boasts a host of affordable materials, and wide range of options. Many Carolinians can now enjoy the opportunity to expand their living spaces into the natural surroundings of their backyards with kitchens, sitting areas, water features and more.

Outdoor Living Specialist, Kevin Fontaine, of Fontaine Landscaping, says that lighting and water are the new “must-haves” when designing any outdoor space. Subtle down lights hung high in trees gracefully illuminate the branches, and pathway lighting sets a mood, delivering tranquil ambiance. Water features create a soothing background sound that is reminiscent of the spa influence in modern design, and add to the natural aesthetic of the favorite “room” in your home.
Fontaine Outdoor Living Fountain presented by North Carolina Design OnlineImage Courtesy of Fontaine Landscaping Inc.

“Water has become more and more popular in the last few years and there are many ways we can incorporate that. Clients are asking for the traditional pools and hot tubs, but also fountains and ponds, and other creative water features,” says Fontaine.

“Sustainability” is also a big word in the industry, with more homeowners opting for drought resistant options such as Bermuda grass. “We have even seen an increase in ‘faux-turf’ private putting greens,” adds Fontaine. The choices that incorporate green and sustainable practices are now more practical and available than ever.

The outdoor living design process starts by first narrowing down on how the space will be used. Will you want to entertain? Or is the space to be enjoyed as a refuge and place of solace, shelter and seclusion? Is shade needed? Or will sitting and dining areas better suit your vision?

Next, work with your designer to decide what elements work best in the space and meet your budget. Arbors, cozy sitting walls, pergolas, kitchens, decks, patios, pools, fireplaces, hard and soft scape, furniture and more all go into the design consideration.

Designing and building the outdoor living space is a complex task, but the payoff is immeasurable. Having the ability to enjoy the perfection of nature in the comfort of your backyard cannot be matched, and now with the help of great designers, and more options than ever before, building your outdoor oasis can be a reality.
Fontaine Outdoor Living Water Feature presented by North Carolina Design Online
Image Courtesy of Fontaine Landscaping Inc.

Since 1996, Fontaine Landscaping Inc. has designed, installed and maintained the landscapes of residential and commercial properties throughout the Research Triangle area.

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