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The United States has a long tradition of excellence in crafting quality furniture, especially in North Carolina. We have all seen the news and read the reports over the last several years about how companies have moved operations overseas in order to make production more affordable. With a challenging economy still looming, the recent resurgence in the in popularity of American and North Carolina-made furniture has certainly been very heartening. To hear more about this shift, we talked with Jessica Dauray of Elements 0f Style Interiors in Greensboro.

Images Courtesy of Elements of Style Interiors

Jessica is known for her commitment to supporting the American furniture industry and makes a conscious effort to focus on American and North Carolina-made items. A successful Greensboro interior designer, Jessica also owns a thriving retail boutique and sells furniture wholesale to other designers. Lately she has found that more and more people are opting for the label, ‘Made In The USA,’ and with good reason.

“People feel good about investing in items made in the USA, and they’re willing to pay a little more for them,” she explains. “There’s absolutely no need to sacrifice to buy American. The U.S. makes furniture with outstanding quality and beautiful style.”

While North Carolina is seeing its own comeback, Jessica explains that when it comes to furniture production, “some things never left. For example, North Carolina has always been well-known for its upholstery. But now, we’re seeing a return in our state to the production of stick-built case goods like tables, dressers and chests. Some companies go through the whole construction process right here – they literally start with a log and craft everything from scratch.”

Jessica has found that North Carolina-made furniture has a strong and widespread appeal. “I have clients from out of the state and out of the country who specifically seek out furniture made in North Carolina,” she notes. “I find that they are attracted to its clean look and its reputation for quality. I actually had a client in Saudi Arabia who was looking to create a ‘North Carolina experience’ in his home, and insisted on NC-made furniture.”

The rise in popularity of American and North Carolina-made furniture means good things – for homeowners, the local furniture industry and also the economy. Jessica sums it up best: “People are realizing that they can find amazing pieces right here, and support home-grown businesses in the process. It’s win-win.”

Balancing comfort with casual luxury, Greensboro interior designer Jessica Dauray is known for classic interiors that also display a contemporary influence.

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