Beautifully Finessed Layers Of Gray And A Balanced Use Of Repeating Geometrics Create A Warm & Welcoming Home

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As design lovers, we spend a lot of time discussing a home’s aesthetics and its function. However, the way a home feels – and the mood it sets – are equally important. It takes an intuitive, creative professional to perfectly pin down and capture that undefinable quality that their clients are looking for in their living space. Winston–Salem interior designer June DeLugas, owner of June DeLugas Interiors, excels at such a challenge. Today she shares with North Carolina Design how she used texture, pattern and color to create a home that feels as phenomenal as it looks.

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“The clients were a couple with younger children,” June recalls. “They had been looking for a house to renovate, and they finally found one they felt they could work with. They liked the neighborhood, and they liked the house itself. It was about the same size as their previous home in Texas, which they were pretty happy about. They were used to having a lot of space, and they needed room for a nanny.”

While the homeowners liked the size and the “bones” of the house, they felt that it was in serious need of a complete style overhaul. “They were unsatisfied with everything,” says June. “The house had three kitchens and six bathrooms, and we completely overhauled all of them. We replaced 28 outside light fixtures. We painted every square inch of the house, including the ceilings, the mouldings, the walls and the floors. We essentially bought all new furnishing for the home.”

One of the main priorities for the home was lifting it out of its dark and dated state. “The home originally had a Tuscan theme,” June explains. “My clients had well developed, excellent taste, and together we wanted something lighter, brighter, and cleaner. We painted the tumbled brick exterior a lighter, fresher color. We painted the shutters a light gray and the windows a dark espresso. And we created a gorgeous new entryway by replacing the solid front door with an arched, eight-foot door with glass panes that allowed in a great deal of light.”

Bringing light into the home’s interior was very important to June, and to the homeowners. “The whole house was dark – it had dark walls, dark ceilings, dark everything,” observes June. “It was really begging for more light. So we capitalized on whatever natural light we could get and we added lights everywhere we could. We also painted everything a very light color and we added a pearlescent micropowder finish everywhere to provide a very subtle reflective surface.”

While the homeowners definitely sought to uplift the mood and ambience of the home, they were equally focused on creating a warm and cozy living space. “The wife really loved the color gray, and wanted to incorporate it everywhere,” June recalls. “We chose very warm grays, with just a touch of brown in them. They’re very comfortable to live in. We also utilized a lot of neutrals, tonal shades, and geometric pattern repetitions. Together it all provides a calming, cozy effect.”

In this richly neutral space, diverse textures, sparkling light fixtures, highly finessed layers of gray, and an highly balanced use of repeating geometrics take the place of color to draw the eye in and add a visual interest. One of the spaces that best showcases this principle is the powder room, where we find an eye catching, exquisitely textured cabinet, geometric metallic wallpaper, and crystal light fixtures. The light from the crystals refracts off of the wallpaper, enveloping the entire space in patterned illumination.

June relied greatly on her well-honed intuition to achieve the perfect look, feel and mood for the home. “I really believe God gives us these gifts, and points us in a right direction,” she reflects. “I honestly sat in the house and let it speak to me, until I knew what needed to be done. And it worked. I can’t tell you how calming, warm and wonderful it feels to be in there now. It’s exactly the space my clients were hoping for.”

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