Beautiful Master Bathroom Retreat

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I do love a beautiful bathroom. Imagine how different master baths have become in the past thirty or forty years. Growing up, I remember this as the one room in the house that was small and cramped and totally ruled by function. Raleigh interior designer Sally Williams, of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, demonstrates how the master bath has been transformed into a spa-like retreat. North Carolina Design is certain you will agree.

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People spend up to seven years of their lives in the bathroom and they are looking for this area of the home to offer them more in terms of luxury and relaxation than ever before. The bathroom that Sally has designed is clearly a long way from its predecessor which was often tucked behind the hallway bath with barely enough space to turn around. Gone are the days when they held a tiny shower, a toilet and a small vanity with a sink topped by a mirrored medicine cabinet.

These spacious master baths of today are a part of newly constructed homes and well designed renovations where homeowners are planning on living there a long time. Homeowners are enjoying the opportunity to express themselves thorough the design choices that they are making in this space. While other areas of the home have long been a personal expression of who they are – this is now the case with master baths as well.

With all of the daily stressors and tensions that might surround Sally’s clients, she has created for them a place of comfort and relaxation. There has been a greater overall emphasis in the past 10 to 15 years for our homes to be a welcomed haven from the problems and uncertainty of the outside world. Calmness, peacefulness and reassurance can be considered almost tangible amenities that Sally installs in a well designed master bath like this one.

The light, airy and natural tone set by the cabinetry, lighting and fixtures is also reflected in the flooring. The natural stone is a popular selection. This bathroom was designed with accessibility in mind – featuring doorways at 32-36” wide, pocket doors to the water closet and entry, and a hinged door into closet which still provides 60” clear turnaround space. The bathroom floor also provides sufficient turnaround space, and there is no threshold into the shower.

A job well done by Sally Williams on a master bath her clients are certain to enjoy for years to come.

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