Backyard Gourmet or BBQ King: All is Possible with the New Outdoor Kitchen

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Cooking and entertaining outdoors isn’t just a fad. Humankind has been using fire to cook since we first figured out how to control it. So it is no surprise that eating and enjoying the company of family and friends just comes so naturally.

Images Courtesy of Fontaine Landscaping

The Outdoor Kitchen is a favorite addition to any home, giving homeowners and their guests a comfortable and fun place to gather, cook, eat and entertain. Incorporating more than just a stand-alone grill into the design of the area expands usability and extends the living space of the home. Many homeowners choose features such as running water, a built-in grill, refrigerator, and a dining area—the options are nearly limitless. Even wine storage or a beverage tap can be installed.

Kevin Fontaine, of Fontaine Landscaping, explains that the uptick and popularity of outdoor kitchens in the Carolinas is partly due to the affordability of new materials. “Almost everyone wants and outdoor kitchen,” says Fontaine, “and now with manufactured stone, more Carolinians are able to extend their living space with a unique and complementary design that includes the features they are looking for.”

Outdoor kitchens are usually located closer the house to allow the chef easy access in and out of the main kitchen. Many people will cook outside, but eat indoors. However, outdoor spaces that include living and dining areas, fireplaces, seating, pergolas, etc., extend the use of the kitchen and lessen the need to go back and forth.

Images Courtesy of Fontaine Landscaping

Fontaine explains that, like any kitchen design, functionality needs to be considered first. Since food will at least initially be brought from inside, it is important to have easy lighted access to the inside kitchen. Next, the way the space will be used is instrumental in the design with proximity of the sink and counter to the grill. Additionally, if storage is built-in, this needs to be properly placed so the cook can reach plates, utensils or cooking instruments.

Cooking outside is a year-round possibility for Carolinians, and the outdoor kitchen not only makes this possible, it makes it enjoyable.

Fontaine Landscaping has designed, installed and maintained residential and commercial landscapes throughout the Triangle area since 1996.

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