At Night, Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Company Beautifully Transforms Landscapes And Home Exteriors

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We love spending time in our own personal outdoor oases in the sunshine. With the right lighting, however, our patios, porches and landscapes can take on a whole new beauty at night, transforming into tranquil, luminous, welcoming spaces perfect for intimate gatherings, stargazing, or quiet reflection. Lighting up landscapes is Ken Brantley’s passion, and his company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, has transformed the exteriors of thousands of homes since it was founded in 1995. North Carolina Design talked to Ken about the importance of illumination, and how he uses his expertise to create the right lighting design for the right home.

Images Courtesy of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte Photography by Ric Solow, Landscape Design bySolow Design Group ©

For Ken, lighting design is about meeting the needs and desires of his clients, and understanding what they are trying to accomplish. “Every client is different, but there are some commonalities in terms of what they want,” he notes. “They all want an inviting, secure exterior that highlights their home’s plants, trees and architectural features. They want to set a warm, friendly mood around their pool or garden areas. And they want to be safe as they navigate their steps and pathways after dark.

“We help them select fixtures that will provide the type of lighting they need to achieve their specific vision. It’s much more than just installing lights. It’s a challenge to get it right – we have to keep the client’s wants and needs in mind, and take the home color, the sizes of trees and the length of pathways into consideration, as they can all affect the a fixture’s light output.”

Ken says that in a successful landscape lighting design, less is more. “It really is best not to overdo things,” he advises. “You want a look that’s subtle, soft and inviting. Adding too many lights kills the subtlety and makes things look harsh. It’s almost like wearing a dress with too many colors or adding too many pillows to a couch – it looks cluttered and disorganized. You want to see the objects and the area you’re trying to enhance, not the light source.”

Outdoor lighting has recently undergone a historic transformation. “We’ve recently been moving away from halogen systems in favor of LED systems,” Ken explains. “In today’s world there is virtually no disadvantage to installing LED lights. They last around 10 times longer than halogen lights, and they require less energy, which equals less maintenance. There is an initial investment, but because of the long bulb life and the low energy consumption, you get your money back within a few years.”

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is one of Charlotte’s premier outdoor lighting companies – and for good reason. “Landscape lighting is all we do, so we’re very well-versed in every aspect of the business,” says Ken. “We offer a great design and a high-quality product. But beyond that, we really value our interaction with our clients. We’re on their property for some time, so we get to know them pretty well, and we’re able to build lasting relationships.”

A personal investment in his clients’ satisfaction is Ken’s main focus, and main motivation. “We are determined to provide the best of care, so that clients get the maximum value for their investment,” he affirms. “If a client has an issue we address it immediately. We are also there to assist them as their needs evolve. Over the years they might add a pool or create a new outdoor living space. We help them adapt their design to their changing landscape.”

Ken is passionate about the transformative effect of outdoor lighting. “It’s the difference between a cold, dark building and a warm, inviting respite from the outside world,” he reflects. “Our clients have told us how much they enjoy pulling up in their driveway after a long day and seeing the lights of home. They’ve also said that a lighted landscape is the kind of thing you didn’t think you needed, but once you have it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.”

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