Asheville Interior Designer & Residential Designer Team Up On Modern Western NC Home With A Kaleidoscope Of Views

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There are beautiful houses, and then there are exceptional, unforgettable houses. One such house is a modern three story wonder located in northern Asheville’s Ciel development – a house displaying spectacular and inventive design. Each floor of the home features its own outdoor deck space. Abundant windows offer incredible views of the mountains and downtown Asheville. The home was the winner of the 2015 Parade of Homes Innovative Award for its builder, Bellwether Design-Build. Today we hear from the home’s architectural visionary, Asheville residential Designer, Jason Weil of Retro+Fit Design and trendsetting Asheville interior designer Talli Roberts, of Allard & Roberts Interior Design.

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“I’ve worked with Jason on a number of projects,” Talli tells North Carolina Design. “We really enjoy working together. We’re both collaborative, so we work well in a group. We’re honest with each other, so we’re able to talk through challenges. And we have mutual respect for one another. We actually recommend each other for projects so we can work together.” Jason agrees. “I love working with Talli,” he affirms. “She’s very talented and very pleasant to work with. Looking at this house, she did an amazing job.”

It was Talli who introduced Jason to the project developer, David Zimmerman. “I had worked with David before,” she recounts. “This was our third new construction project in this community. David and I have a good relationship. I know what he likes and I understand his taste level and expectations. I felt Jason was a perfect fit for the project.”

“David has excellent taste, and high expectations,” says Jason. “But he also offers a lot of creative freedom. When he hired me, he essentially handed me a blank slate. He said, ‘There are only two things I want. It has to be cool, and I want to see it on the cover of Dwell magazine someday.’” Jason offered Talli the same free reign. “I know that Talli and I are on the same page aesthetically. I knew she would create an interior that would perfectly complement the home.”

North Carolina tends to lean toward a traditional style, but this home’s decidedly modern architecture fits in just fine in Asheville. “Ten years ago everyone here wanted Arts and Crafts,” observes Jason. “Today, I find that there is certainly more of a demand for modern design. People here are open to it. It makes sense – Asheville does have a tradition of mid-century modern architecture. Also, a lot of people are moving to Asheville from more urban areas and they want the more modern look they’re used to.”

The home’s stunning design was a product of Jason’s innovative vision. “This is definitely not your standard rectangular house,” he concedes. “I designed it from the outside in, using a very sculptural approach. I wanted it to have a massive, almost monolithic quality and to be very dynamic, with very dramatic angles. At the same time, I wanted the house to almost cascade gracefully down the hill.”

“I had the idea of using one massive block to anchor the house to the mountain, with three other blocks anchored off of the first block. The blocks make up the different floors of the house. They’re placed in such a way that the house has an almost kaleidoscopic effect. It appears to shift and change as you move around it, and it looks different from every angle. As you come up the hill, you actually get the impression that it’s floating in space.”

One of the home’s most striking features is its multi-colored, striped exterior. “I wish I could take credit for that, but it was a happy accident,” Jason laughs. “We actually wanted a gray exterior that would blend with the trees. I went up to the house one day to find that rain had created these great ‘tiger stripes.’ I don’t know how, but I’m glad. Now the exterior has the same dynamic quality as the house. It changes beautifully with the light and looks different from every angle.”

Talli’s interior design is a beautiful reflection and continuation of the home’s distinctive architecture and it ties in well with Jason’s sculptural concept. “I kept the interiors very consistent from room to room and used a neutral palette of muted, monochrome tone on tone colors. This preserves the modern style and ensures that nothing detracts from the spectacular views, which are some of the best things about the house.”

“We knew we were going to have to use everything in our designer’s bag of tricks to keep the monotone design from falling flat. We introduced a lot of very organic textural elements – I think my favorite is the living room coffee table, which is actually made from a root. The rugs, paintings and decorative pieces provide a much needed color and contrast. Four Corners Home and Mobilia helped provide the furniture, and Togar Rugs graciously loaned us the rugs. The paintings are originals by Genie Maples.”

Talli’s favorite spot in the house was the master bedroom. “The room is cantilevered, so it literally seems like it’s suspended in midair,” she explains. “The two window sides meet at the corner of the room, so you have these expansive views of both the mountains and downtown Asheville, which are just spectacular at night. We kept the monochromatic palette but made the room cozy by adding textural elements such as a comfy duvet and the Moroccan area rug. We also added a comfy seating area in the corner.”

Images Courtesy of Allard & Roberts Interior Design ©

The Ciel house was an unforgettable project for both Talli and Jason. “We all made a great team,” reflects Jason. Talli absolutely agrees. “Everyone was on the same page and everyone worked hard to make this vision of Jason’s a reality. I will always be proud to say that I was a part of this experience.”

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