Appliance Considerations for Remodelers

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During the past 20 years, nothing has enhanced the functionality, convenience and design of kitchens as much as appliances. Whether your preferences lean to rich glossy colors, brushed finishes or cabinet-like styles, choosing the right kitchen appliances can be a daunting task without a set of guidelines. Appliance Specialist Robbie Watson from Kitchen & Bath Galleries offers 5 considerations when selecting appliances.

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1)      Budget: There are appliances available in all price categories and all performance levels. Many remodelers find that they are willing to splurge on the one appliance that they would consider a show piece or the most important item for them.  Sometimes this is a more expensive refrigerator that will be integrated into the cabinetry and sometimes it is that big Pro-Style range.  It is important to remember that most folks own their appliances longer than they own their cars, electronics and carpets – and in some cases their furniture.

2)      Integration with Cabinetry: The dishwashers, warming drawers and refrigerators available today are all able to fully integrate with the cabinetry. This provides a seamless kitchen design and gives your kitchen designer flexibility in the non-traditional placement of appliances.  The selection of fully integrated appliances should be made early in the process to ensure that the designer has all the information necessary to properly plan the cabinetry.

3)      Ventilation: Ventilation is very important to the selection of the cooking appliances.  Based on cooking 5 meals a week, 6 gallons of water and one gallon of cooking oil are introduced into the house.  Without proper ventilation these will be deposited onto the walls and other surfaces in the house.  Ventilation methods will dictate the type of cooking equipment choices available to the homeowner.

4)      Gas or Electric: Many cooks have traditionally preferred gas cook tops in their kitchens.  When gas is not readily available or is cost prohibitive in the remodeling process, electric induction cook tops are a viable alternative for power, control and safety.

5)      Range or Separate Cook Top and Oven: In the past, in order to have two ovens, it was necessary to have a cook top and separate oven configuration.  Today it is possible for even the smallest kitchens to have two ovens – 30” ranges now are available with double ovens.  These are available in gas, dual fuel and electric from several manufacturers. New cooking products like speed cook/microwave ovens provide alternatives to the second oven.  It’s important to consider the ergonomic advantages that wall ovens have over ranges, such as the height of the oven cavity above the floor and ease of use of the controls.

Kitchen and Bath Galleries Remodel 2 Presented by North Carolina Design Online

Image Courtesy of Kitchen & Bath Galleries

Robbie Watson is an Appliance Specialist at Kitchen & Bath Galleries. With six showrooms, the client- focused kitchen and bath staff of the Raleigh headquartered firm accommodate the lifestyle and functional needs of homeowners from the Research Traingle to the Coast.

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