This Exquisite Whole House Renovation By A Raleigh Remodeler Beautifully Addresses Current And Future Needs

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When most people commit to a “forever” home, they imagine sitting on their front porch or deck years later, reminiscing about the life they have built there. But life can be unpredictable, and families and lifestyles can change. What happens if, somewhere along the way, the home you love doesn’t work for you anymore? Raleigh remodeler, Eddie Casanave, owner of Distinctive Remodeling, has given a second life to many a beloved forever home. Today he takes North Carolina Design inside one spectacular example – a truly exquisite Triangle home that he updated to suit his clients for life.

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The home was originally built in the 1990′s. Two decades later, the lot and the neighborhood remained ideal – Eddie’s clients, however, found the home to be lacking in functionality – both for their current lifestyle, and for their future. “They were looking to make their home a more suitable place to live out their remaining years,” Eddie tells us. “They also wanted to accommodate the wife’s mother, who would potentially be moving in with them at some point.

“The home has a basement level, a main level, a second floor level, and their master bedroom and office were on the upper level. We wanted to provide main floor, aging-in-place living for them,” Eddie says. He expanded the footprint, and created a downstairs master bedroom and bath from the existing guest bedroom. Eddie widened doorways, created zero entry thresholds, and made the home as barrier-free as possible. He also included an elevator, which goes from the basement level garage to the second floor.

In addition to the new master bedroom and the aging-in-place features, Eddie renovated the upstairs bathroom and bedroom, turned the sunroom into a stately and spacious den, relocated and enlarged the breakfast area, and added a stunning covered porch where the couple and their guests can enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine.

The couple enjoys entertaining on a grand scale, and regularly hosts parties with 75 to 100 guests. Part of Eddie’s challenge was to create a space that could accommodate large social gatherings, yet still feel comfortable and cozy enough for just two people to live day-to-day. “We bumped the living room back six feet, so that it would be spacious enough for a crowd,” he notes. “The design also encourages crowds to flow through the 12-foot sliding glass doors and on to the patio.

“We reconfigured the kitchen footprint to allow space for caterers to come in and out, without being hindered. We also moved the old appliances downstairs into the basement level, so that caterers could do most of the prep work and cooking there, without having to crowd the upstairs space.”

What started off as a practical remodel soon turned into an aesthetic redesign as well. “The project just grew in scope,” says Eddie. “Once we got the nuts and bolts of the design in place, the wife decided that she’d like to take the opportunity to essentially reinvent the look of the home.” This meant modernizing, upgrading, and adding both sweeping drama and finely finessed detail to every space.

The results are nothing short of exquisite. The home still retains all of the depth, gravitas and detail of a grand traditional house, but has fascinating contemporary touches that provide a clean and open aesthetic. Numerous large Pella windows allow in a great deal of natural light, and a wide use of lighter colors balances the darker, warmer spaces with a bright, open feel. Meanwhile, thoughtfully placed contemporary light fixtures and modern art pieces provide fresh points of interest throughout the home.

The truly wonderful aspect of this house is its wealth of layered details. From the gorgeous coffered ceiling, to the warm and richly colored walnut hardwood floors, to the exceptionally crafted wainscoting and trim found in the home’s cabinetry and woodwork, there is something to admire in every space.

Of course, we have our favorite spaces. We love the very formal, superbly elegant style of the master bath, and the richness of the carrera marble. We love the natural brick and wood vaulted ceiling of the deck. And we love the living room. There is complete symmetry from one side to the other – in the ceiling details, the fireplace built ins, the furniture – even in the accessories on the shelves. The room’s formality and clean elegance speak to the wonderful balance achieved in this home.

A sense of balance – between traditional and contemporary, current needs and future needs, space for guests and space for family, is what drove the renovation. “It was very important to the homeowners,” Eddie affirms. “The wife especially was very knowledgeable about building, and she had great ideas on how to achieve their goals. It all came together exceptionally well. A home should grow with you, through all of life’s stages. I was happy to help ensure they could stay in the home they loved – forever.”

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