Emmy Awards Nominee & Asheville Residential Designer Jason Weil Of Retro+Fit Design Creates Great Visual Interest

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A designer’s background can serve to add a whole new perspective and dimension to their designs. Such has been the case for Asheville residential designer Jason Weil of Retro+Fit Design. Jason served as the creative mind behind today’s featured project – a strikingly beautiful “mountain modern” home with a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. North Carolina Design chatted with Jason about the home’s design, and about how his previous career as a set designer influences his work today.

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“I think it’s safe to say that I have a different background than most designers,” Jason tells us. This is definitely the case; for 18 years, Jason designed sets for major Hollywood film studios. During his career, he worked with legendary directors like Steven Spielberg, supervised million dollar sets for famous movies and TV shows, and even earned himself an Emmy Awards nomination. However, Jason became disillusioned and dissatisfied with the film industry, and sought out something new.

He fell in love with Asheville during a visit and eventually moved to the city, where he began a career as a residential designer. He loves his current low-key life, and has no regrets about leaving Hollywood behind. “Asheville is so beautiful,” he says. “It’s an amazing place to live and work. I really enjoy what I’m doing now – it’s very fulfilling to work personally with clients on their homes.”

Jason’s years in the film industry have been a definite asset to his current design work. “I am very adaptable,” he explains. “I had created all kinds of different sets, in all different styles, from all different eras. I can work with any style and any preference. Also, in film, the set isn’t just there to look pretty. It has to help set a mood and move a story forward. So I am very good at creating a design that has a strong narrative, a really personalized feel and a good sense of place.”

He is also excellent at adding a wonderful sense of drama and artistry to each home – a fact evidenced in this project. On the outside, this house has the edginess and sophistication of a fabulous contemporary art piece, while still retaining the warmth and character expected in a mountain home. On the inside, it is a clean, light-filled space with grand, sweeping ceilings – made inviting and cozy by rustic touches throughout.

“I think there is definitely a sense of drama in this home,” concedes Jason. “It’s really not a large home. But it is a tall home, and the soaring ceilings and abundance of windows make it feel large and spacious. I love the massing, and the roof lines. I think they really do give the house a great visual impact. Then there are the views – the home is designed for a 270 degree view of the ridge.”

Jason worked closely with the home’s builder, Brandon Bryant of Red Tree Builders – for good reason. “This was his personal home,” he notes. “He and his wife wanted something that was very contemporary, but appropriate for the mountains. They also wanted something that had a really different look.”

Clean lines and angles and the use of metal and cement give the home its contemporary appearance. Meanwhile, the use of natural, textured materials like wood timbers and stone serve to soften and add warmth to the design. They even add a charming personal touch. “The stairs were milled with lumber from the site, and the builder got the siding from his grandfather’s barn to use as an accent wall, so it’s reclaimed from his own heritage.” Jason explains.

The home’s exceptional design has earned it a great deal of acclaim. Retro+Fit won the 2014 PACE award for best home design, while Red Tree Builders won a North Carolina Home Builders Association’s STARS Award and a Silver Award at the 2015 Nationals. Jason is delighted with the home’s positive accolades. “It truly was an incredible project,” he says. “It really did turn out beautifully, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.”

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