A Lifetime Of Experience Working With Stone Yields Distinctive And Dramatic Homes That Are Works Of Art

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Natural stone makes a powerful statement, whether it is defining the exterior of a beautiful home or creating a welcoming respite in a gracious outdoor living space. One thing is always certain, however – a skilled craftsman whose talent has been honed by years of experience is always behind these awe inspiring projects. Stone mason LC Lynch of Stone By Lynch in Charlotte is one such notable individual. LC recently shared with North Carolina Design the love he has for his craft, which dates back to his earliest memories. In neighborhoods throughout Charlotte and Lake Norman, stone is the medium he uses to allow form to meet function.

While LC has owned his own company for thirty years, his experience working with stone goes back much farther. The skills he possesses today were handed down from generation to generation, starting at a young age. “Being from the hills of Tennessee and the Appalachian mountains, you went to work with your granddad and dad when you were 6 or 7 and started picking up pieces of field stone,” LC explains.  “I’ve been a mason all my life, since I was a kid, just by sheer necessity. As you got older, you would carry the rock over to the wall where they were laying it. Then came the time when you started laying.”

For LC , one of the benefits of having spent so much time working with stone is his ability to create a look that is unique for each home and every project.  Drawing from his background overall and from regularly working with architects throughout his career, he has developed a very good sense of design. “I know what goes with what and how it is supposed to come together. I take and blend stones together so that your house does not look like the one beside it, but stands distinctively on its own,” LC affirms.

An imagination is a great thing, but LC believes that you should not have to envision how the rock will actually look as a part of your home – and this is what separates him from other stone masons. “We’re so different in that we have a stone yard. Actually we have 2 – a seven acre one in Charlotte and also in Mooresville,” notes LC. “Unlike most stone yards, instead of looking at rock in a basket or on the ground, we have hundreds of samples on the yard.”

“If you go to a standard stone yard that sells rock, they’re not masons – they don’t lay rock and have no way of really laying you a sample, nor do they have the space. I would lay you a sample of something you like. That sample panel in my yard would range from 5 or 6 feet long to 4 feet high and that is the thing that makes me different from any other mason.  I’m all about catering to the individual and getting you exactly what you want.”

Selecting the right stone for the right space is the result of individually shaping each stone, and often times hand cutting it multiple times until the fit is ideal. Our shirts say, ‘Real Stone. Real Masons,’” offers LC. “We use hand cut limestone and hand carved stone from around the world. We really promote a natural stone, getting our stone from the Tennessee and Georgia mountains, all the way up to the coast of Maine, from as far down as Texas and as far away as Oregon. It just depends on what exactly what product you want.”

“I really take a lot of pride in my work and our projects. I’d like to think that hundreds of years from now when it’s another time and may be a house is gone, people will come in and take the rock that I’ve selected and carry it away and lay it on another project some place. Even after the house has succumbed to Mother Nature, I’d like for someone to be able to take those pieces and use them again, saying ‘wow, look at the work of that stone mason, how he cut this cap and look at that mantle – look how great they look. I’m going to use those again.’”

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