5 Tips For Creating A Home That Speaks Uniquely Of You

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Creating a home that uniquely speaks of you never happens by accident. If it’s a home that involves new construction or renovation, it first started with a great set of plans. Those plans accommodate where you are in your life – and may even give consideration for your future. Rest assured, the perfect plans are all about you and your family. To get a better sense about what’s involved in designing a very personalized home, North Carolina Design recently met with Charlotte residential designer Todd Crowe, of Crowe Design & Associates. Todd shared 5 very valuable tips.

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Reflect The Current State Of Your Life
The most important thing your home must do is express where you currently are in terms of your life. “In meeting with you, it is essential that I first get to know where you are in terms of lifestyle,” notes Todd. “I want to know how you live and what is your daily routine. What’s going on? Do you have children? What are the ages of those children? Perhaps you are empty nesters and are transitioning from a full house to just being a couple. It’s a very personal relationship as I get to know what’s important to you. Your new home will take into account the current state of your life and maybe even your future considerations.”

The Value Of Meeting Clients Their Current Home
Todd emphasizes the importance of meeting clients in the homes they currently live in during initial discussions. “By going to their location, I get to see firsthand how they’re living right now and they can show me examples of things they like and don’t like. Sometimes people can’t express what doesn’t work for them, but when we’re there and they see it – and they can explain it – ultimately I get to give them the best of what it is they want. We also get to nail down their wish list at this meeting.”

Balancing The Wish List With The Budget
Todd explains that the clients generally have an idea of what kind of price range they want to be in. The wish list is always reviewed as talk of the budget ensues. “We’re going to narrow that wish list down as we start talking about budget. You know what kind of price range we might want to be in. We can design a 5,000 square foot house that looks great but if it’s over budget or does not fit on the lot, then we have missed a critical part of the equation. Most of the clients I deal with do have a good understanding when it comes to budget and lot constraints.”

Maximize Your Lot With Your Setting
In creating a home that works well for his clients, Todd is also focused on how the lot will accept the house. His goal is to maximize the lot and the setting. “There are those rare and ideal situations when you have a lot that is untouched, presenting itself as an open canvas so that we can capture the views of what is there. In many cases we do not have that opportunity. Sometimes a lot has a limited view, of perhaps a lake or golf course. Then we concentrate on opening up the main living areas of the house to take advantage of that view.

When “the canvas” he is working with is a lot that has been clear cut, this can affect the style of home that Todd designs for his clients. “You can go through a neighborhood and you’ll notice that the houses just fit with one another. Well, when a lot has been clear cut, with nothing around it, I advise my clients that we should adapt the style of their house in accordance to the style of what’s around us. If we have Colonial style homes around us, putting in a Mediterranean style house may really seem out of place.”

Know The HOA Regulations, State & Local Codes
While the plans of a house may be personalized to a certain degree by this point, nothing can sour them more than discovering that local HOA rules were not taken into account or local codes were ignored. “That’s really at the top of the list. After we have gotten a good basis for what you are wanting and needing, it’s essential to go by the guidelines of the HOA, as well as all the applicable codes. My client may be shooting a lot of ideas at me, but they do expect me to provide the guidance regarding these other matters as I get them into the house that that they have in their mind.”

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