5 Remodeling Tips That Minimize Stress & Ensure Success

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Renovations are a wonderful way to enhance your home’s beauty, live more comfortably and build equity. However, renovating is no easy task, and knowledge and guidance are crucial for ensuring a good outcome. To gain some insight, we talked to Kevin Jones, of Kevin Jones Design-Build LLC in Greensboro. As the #1 rated full-service Piedmont Triad remodeler, Kevin knows a little something about what goes into a really great reno. He kindly shared with North Carolina Design some of the key factors that help minimize stress and ensure success.

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Creating A Contract
“Contracts spell everything out as much as possible so that there are no inconsistencies and no ambiguity,” Kevin notes. “The contract should include the scope of the work – what’s going to be done, what’s going to be provided – things like all of the cabinetry, tile, and plumbing selections. The pay schedule should also be included, so that the homeowner knows what amount needs to be paid, and when.”

Knowing What To Expect
“Once begun, a project takes on a life of its own,” Kevin explains. “We try to be as considerate and unobtrusive as possible. However, there will be a bunch of people in your house doing a variety of things and asking a lot of questions. You will need to consult on a lot of things. There will be a lot of noise, and some inevitable disruption – maybe more than you think.”

Developing A Project Plan
“Any really big project that’s going to cost a lot of money should be approached with some planning and forethought,” Kevin notes. “Everything possible should be done to keep the ball moving forward. Everything should be scheduled and ordered ahead of time so that everyone knows what’s coming next. The last thing you ever want to have happen is for a project to sit idle with no one working on it.”

Agreeing On How You Will Communicate
Communication between homeowners and builders is crucial, and you should let your builder know ahead of time what type of communication makes you most comfortable. “For some less tech-oriented people, a telephone call might be best. However, we are all teched up on our end, and we’re happy to use email, text and face time with our tech-savvy clients. We can take even take job site photos with our iPads and use an app to draw on them.”

Addressing The Unforeseen
It’s important to understand what your responsibilities will be if unforeseen problems are uncovered during a renovation. Kevin’s approach to handling the unexpected has earned him kudos from his clients. “There are occasions when unforseen things can occur, but we are very mindful with our due diligence on the front end,” he explains. “Before we even start the project, we’ve been in, under and on top of the house. We’ve seen everything, and we know what we’re dealing with, so we can give the homeowner a fixed project cost.”

Kevin’s constant mindfulness of his clients’ comfort and needs are part of his overall philosophy. “We choose to partner with our clients, and be honest, flexible and open,” he explains. It’s just the way we do business. And I know that our clients really appreciate it.”

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