2016 Fall High Point Furniture Market – It’s About Mixing Things Up, Making An Emotional Connection & Telling A Great Story

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We are all waiting with great anticipation to see what the 2016 Fall High Point Furniture Market has in store for us. Giving us a sneak peak today at what we might possibly see this season is bona fide furniture expert Kim Shaver who has spent 30 years in the furniture industry. As the marketing liaison for such notable furniture companies as Hooker Furniture and Marge Carson, Kim has a finger firmly on the pulse of what’s new. She detailed for North Carolina Design her take on emerging industry trends. To our excitement, this new season seems to be all about mixing things up, making an emotional connection, and telling a great story.

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Kim has seen a couple of isolated trends take root of late. “Silver has made a small resurgence, after a several seasons of absolutely dominant gold tones.” she observes. “Some great examples are the Cynthia Rowley Bowery Accent Chest, which features a beautiful striped marble front and stainless steel legs, and the Melange Zola 4-door Credenza, which has a textured silver exterior and silver legs.”

A forgotten classic furniture staple seems to be making its way back into today’s homes. “I believe that armoires are coming back,” Kim says. “When the armoire disappeared a few years ago, it left a void for a tall signature focal point. An armoire can really help designers create balance in a room’s composition. It also offers an abundance of efficient vertical storage.”

According to Kim, several larger-scale trends are on the horizon, and they all involve creating interest, telling a story, and drawing people in emotionally. “The most significant trend happening today is one I like to call Natural Inspirations,” she recounts. “This trend is rooted in casual contemporary style, and uses mixed materials, textured surfaces and organic motifs to evoke the feel of natural coastlines, remote beaches and deserts. This trend is a great way to soften contemporary style and add some emotional appeal.

“Marge Carson’s California Palms Collection is a perfect example of Natural Inspirations. This collection is California casual, with a fresh, current, organic twist. There’s a beautiful use of Philippine raffia and wire brushed white oak. Then you have the intricate twig design motif, which is used as a base for several pieces. Then there are these wonderful details, like the tabletop basket weave veneer pattern, and the wavy hardware patterns that bring to mind wind-blown sand or ripples of water. It’s a really beautiful, but approachable look.”

Another trend, which Kim calls Glam Mix, evokes the romance of Old Europe, while mixing in an industrial vibe and a touch of glamour and shimmer. “This is a new French style, with clean cases, metallics, and industrial elements.” she affirms. “It’s warm and charming, but it’s also glamorous and luxurious. It’s industrial, but it’s also soft and inviting. The Arabella collection from Hooker exemplifies the trend, with painted charcoal case finishes, heavily waxed aluminum tops and eglimose surfaces.”

Textural elements play a large part in another emerging trend, which Kim labels Material World. “This trend is all about using a wide mixture of materials to create textural, tactile and visual interest, as well as an emotional connection,” Kim tells us. “It crosses the style spectrum – it’s used in traditional, transitional and contemporary designs alike.

“The Cynthia Rowley Broome Accent Chest is a perfect example of this concept applied to a contemporary style. It has a shagreen (faux stingray) skin cover and a gold leaf base, legs, top and hardware. The Sam Moore Aurora Chairs showcase a more transitional style, and their plush, graphic chenille animal print illustrates how even upholstery can add texture and visual impact. The Hill Country Bexar Leg Huntboard is a traditional example of the Material World trend. It features a carved gamble oak motif that draws you in, and is highly textural.”

The Hill Country Collection part of another fall trend. “I call it Authentic American,” Kim reflects. “This furniture deeply represents the authentic look, feel and character of a very specific region – in this case, the rugged beauty of the low hills of Texas. It’s crafted from cracked white oak veneer with a two tone, saddle brown and anthracite black finish that mimics native sandstone. This trend is very exciting, because any American region can be the focus, and the possibilities are endless. Like the others, it really holds your interest. It tells a story.”

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