In The Symmetry Of Geometrics, Asheville Artist Kenn Kotara Reveals A Bold, Fresh Style And A Distinctive Voice

Art and mathematics are not disciplines people readily associate with one another. That is, of course, unless those people are familiar with the works of noted Asheville artist Kenn Kotara. With his grid based abstracts, Kenn deftly bridges the gap between the fluid and visceral expressiveness of art and the order and tidy symmetry of [...]

Raleigh Remodeler Complements The Charm And Grace Of This Home In A Historic Neighborhood With Modern Living

No one who loves design has driven through the Historic Oakwood district of Raleigh without a small covetous sigh. The area’s homes date back to the 19th century, and they still have all of the charm, grace and beauty that they were crafted with so many years ago. Today, we’re pleased to feature a Historic [...]

“There’s No Place Like Home” – Chapel Hill Based Builder / Residential Designer Personalizes Homes Through Finer Details

There are some designs that, while beautiful, have a sameness to them. And then there are designs that are taken to a wonderful new level – they simply look and feel special and distinctive. We wondered – what is it that takes a design beyond the ordinary? To find out, North Carolina Design spoke with [...]

Charlotte Interior Designer Details How Color Is The Powerful Element That Transforms The Feel & Look Of A Room

Color is a powerful design element – it can change the feel, mood and look of a space in an instant. However, color can be a tricky thing to get exactly right. To get some fresh insight on color, and to learn a bit about what’s popular today, North Carolina Design talked to Charlotte interior [...]

Charlotte Designer / Fine Linen Boutique Creates The Bed Of Your Dreams – A Luxurious Reward At Day’s End

While life today can be stressful and hectic, one of the great joys of a modern homeowner is sinking into a cozy, comfortable, luxurious bed at the end of a long day. But how do you build a bed that looks chic and beautiful, and offers the kind of sublime comfort that you crave? For [...]

“Tips Of The Trade” From North Carolina Design Experts

Once again, several of our design professionals weigh in, sharing some great tips with readers for all areas of the home. With years of experience creating living spaces that speak to who their cleints are and how they live, these experts from North Carolina Design are definitely qualified to offer insightful “Tips Of The Trade” [...]

Charlotte Kitchen Designer Details How Technology & Function Are Driving The Design Of This Family “Command Center”

Today’s kitchen is still the heart of the home, but it’s also the family “command center,” and a central hub of family activity. Technology is increasingly making its presence known in the kitchen, and certainly has its place in reshaping this all important room. To find out more about the technological and functional aspects of [...]

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