2015 Furniture Styles Balance The Beauty of The Past & Present, Along With An Edgy, Fashion Forward Look Of Luxury

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Today’s homeowners often want to honor the past while keeping one eye on the future, and furniture offers a perfect way to balance these two desires within a living space. As the marketing liaison for such notable furniture companies as Hooker Furniture and Marge Carson, Kim Shaver knows what today’s homeowners are looking for and how furniture companies are responding to their desires. Kim sat down with North Carolina Design to talk about three incredible new furniture styles which offers a perfect marriage of tradition and cutting edge design, each in its own very unique way.

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One of today’s most popular new styles is one that Kim calls “Farm Fresh.” This style deftly brings the iconic vintage farmhouse into the modern era, whether by mixing distressed farmhouse inspired pieces into a contemporary space, or by giving classic farmhouse pieces a fresh, updated look – perhaps with a bold color or cleaner, more contemporary lines. This style can take inspiration from American farmhouses, where it takes on a simpler look, or from European farmhouses, where it has a more romantic flair.

“The Farm Fresh style is inspired by the whole farm to table movement,” says Kim. “I can’t overstate how immensely popular it is. I think people love it because it calls to mind a simpler way of life. It mixes very well with industrial and contemporary styles, so it brings nostalgia, warmth and emotional engagement to the space, while still remaining very hip and chic.”

Another style, which Kim terms “Edgy Elegance,” is just now emerging, and already proving very popular. “This is a fashion inspired, cosmopolitan furniture style that blends a classic European pedigree with edgy modern elements,” she tells us. The look juxtaposes the opulent curves, rich woods and soft metallics associated with classic European luxury with the stark graphic lines, cool metallics and raw, unrefined qualities of industrial style, and features rustic, punk and heavy metal influences.

“Marge Carson’s Cross Channel collection is a great example of Edgy Elegance,” Kim notes. “It’s fitting, because this is a look inspired by the world’s runways, and Marge Carson is considered by many to be the haute couture of furniture. The Cross Channel collection brings together luxurious influences from all over Europe and gives them an edgy industrial vibe. You’ll have a very French table with cabriole legs that features an industrial grill top, or a classic table with a chain link bracelet accent.”

Kim has also seen a rise in a third, and equally fascinating style, which draws influence from both European luxury and European farmhouses. Alternately called “Feminine Vintage” and “New Feminine,” this style’s inspiration comes not from an edgy future, but from a romantic vision of the past. It encompasses everything from rustic European storybook charm to full-on, fairy tale opulence fit for a princess. It also features the ruffles and embellishments that represent classic feminine style, subdued with clean lines and industrial elements.

“This is a very romantic style that has really resonated with people,” reflects Kim. “I think it has partly been influenced by popular culture, with fantastical shows like Game of Thrones. I also think has been influenced by an improving economy. People are more upbeat, and they want to pamper themselves with something a little more luxurious. The style has really taken off in popularity. Hooker’s Chatalet collection – one of the best examples of this style – has only been out for a year, and it has performed amazingly well.”

Kim believes there is a deep-seated reason for the popularity of these emergent new-yet-old styles. “I think people today are immersed in a complicated virtual world, and they have a longing for things that are more natural, or things that bring them back to the warmth of a simpler bygone era. At the same time, they really do want something that’s clean, chic and new. These styles reflects this duality and balance these needs in really new and exciting ways.”

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