5 Tips For Creating A Home That Speaks Uniquely Of You

Creating a home that uniquely speaks of you never happens by accident. If it’s a home that involves new construction or renovation, it first started with a great set of plans. Those plans accommodate where you are in your life – and may even give consideration for your future. Rest assured, the perfect plans are [...]

Illuminating The Home – Trends In Lighting Design

Lighting is the perfect completion to the design of a beautiful home. Choosing the right fixture not only creates good visibility, it also sets the desired mood and atmosphere for a room. To find out what is trending in the world of lighting, North Carolina Design recently met up with two experts from the lighting [...]

Behind Every Dream Home – Is A Great Set Of Plans

In order to build the home of your dreams, nothing is more essential than starting with a great set of plans. The question is, how do you get to the point of having a great set of design plans? To get a better sense of the answer to this question, North Carolina Design recently caught [...]

It’s Design Inspiration! From A Swatch Of Fabric Comes The Design Direction For An Entire Wilmington Area Home

It simply started with a Brunswig & Fils swatch of fabric. When barely more than a set of blue prints existed for a 4,800 square foot home on the Intracoastal Waterway, that piece of fabric ended up being all the inspiration that Wilmington interior designer Kathy McKenzie’s clients needed. The vision and direction of the [...]

The Rugs Of Today – Traditional And Contemporary Rugs Awash In Soft Color Palettes, As Classic Bold, Strong Colors Remain

I’ve heard the question posed before, does the room make the rug or does the rug make the room? Hands down, I am definitely a believer that the rug makes the room. Without a rug, the room is incomplete, lacking the ability to make a real statement. The question is, how do you go about [...]

A Lifetime Of Experience Working With Stone Yields Distinctive And Dramatic Homes That Are Works Of Art

Natural stone makes a powerful statement, whether it is defining the exterior of a beautiful home or creating a welcoming respite in a gracious outdoor living space. One thing is always certain, however – a skilled craftsman whose talent has been honed by years of experience is always behind these awe inspiring projects. Stone mason [...]

Putting The Spotlight On Lighting In The Kitchen, Adding Clarity To Both Beauty And Function

Over the years, kitchen lighting has changed from something purely utilitarian to an essential aspect of home design, adding both function and beauty to a space. As a Charlotte area designer specializing in the design of kitchens, Penny Porter of Visual Concepts Interior Design knows her way around renovations and new home project sites, and [...]

It’s A Fine Art: Wilmington Designer Draws Inspiration From Clients’ Worldwide Collection Of Art

Each home’s design is as unique as its owners. It’s up to a designer to find a way to showcase their client’s distinctive style and bring their vision to life. This is no small task, but Angela Crittenden, of Teal Interior Design makes it look easy. The Wilmington interior design firm is known for creating [...]

Fall Lawn And Landscape Care: Follow These Essential Seasonal Tips For A Continual Healthy Landscape

It’s that delightful time of year, when the air turns crisp, our thoughts turn to pumpkin-flavored delicacies, and our landscapes turn from deep green to a dazzling display of brilliant red, orange and gold. To ensure a beautiful outdoor vista this season and every season, it’s important to take steps to care for your landscape [...]

Outdoor Living Spaces: What’s Trending In This Essential Space That Increases The Quality Of Our Lives

The beauty of fall makes an ideal backdrop for enjoying outdoor living spaces throughout North Carolina. Outdoor living has become ever more popular, and homeowners are increasingly investing their time and money in creating the perfect respite in the outdoors. Jim Benham, of Benham Builders, a lover of the outdoors himself, builds all over the [...]

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