Beauty Punctuated By Green Practices In Charlotte Landscape

When Jenny Pippin of Pippin Home Designs took on the task of completely redesigning her own home, the results were bold, unique and truly beautiful. However, the remodel left her with a landscape in desperate need of repair and renovation. She knew just who to call – longtime friend and Charlotte area landscape designer Jan [...]

Using A Variety of Patterns And Colors, Asheville Artist Creates Order, Adding Beauty And Interest To A Space

Art does far more than dress up a wall; it adds beauty, complexity and dimension to a home’s design. Art is also far more than a simple arrangement of forms and colors – it’s a window into the artist’s inner world, and an attempt to capture, define and share a feeling or moment in time [...]

A Love That Lasts: Tips For Designing And Building A Home That Fits Your Current And Future Needs

It’s easy to get swept off your feet by a charming and beautiful home, and to fall in love at first sight. But if you plan to live in the home for years to come, it’s important that your love is more than a fleeting fancy. Designing a home that will stay functional, beautiful and [...]

Charlotte Architect Explains How Collaboration On All Fronts Results In a Home That Offers Lasting Beauty

Building a home is a process with a thousand moving parts, and a successful project requires both a rock-solid plan and great teamwork. Don Duffy, owner of Don Duffy Architecture in Charlotte, knows a great deal about both. While Don is one of Charlotte’s most highly skilled and respected architects, he is also nothing if [...]

Vibrant Colors, Universal Design And Green Building Practices Transform Charlotte Home

When Charlotte residential designer Jenny Pippin, of Pippin Home Designs, and her husband, photographer Wes Stearns, set out to renovate their Lake Norman home, they first had modest ideas in mind. Their vision quickly expanded, and after a year-long process, the couple created a beautiful, vibrant, one-of-a-kind dream home that addressed their existing home’s issues [...]

Charlotte Landscape Architect Creates Beauty And Joy

This time of year, landscapes and outdoor living spaces not only entice us visually, they are a joy to spend time in on weekends and at the end of a long work day. In the hands of talented professionals, some of these spaces rise to a level of true artistry. Charlotte landscape architect J’Nell Bryson [...]

The Essential Tips Of A Thriving Lawn And Landscape During The Summer Months

Summer is the time for outdoor living. But keeping our outdoor spaces beautiful for the summer and beyond requires a good measure of behind-the-scenes maintenance. To find what we should be doing during the summer months to help our landscapes thrive, North Carolina Design looked to Carole Joyner, of Joyner-Benfield Distinctive Land and Waterscapes in [...]

Koi Ponds Adding Beauty And Grace To Carolina Landscapes

Water gardens are a wonderful way to add life and beauty to an outdoor space. Koi ponds add an especially intriguing element; the fish are colorful, graceful and soothing to watch, which is why many homeowners have made maintaining them a hobby. To find out a bit more about what goes into creating the perfect [...]

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