The 5 Essential Custom Home Building Tips

Anyone who’s ever built a home from the ground up knows the special blend of excitement and hand-wringing that goes along with the process. When it comes to new construction, Eddie Rider of Eddie Rider Designs in Raleigh is there from conception until the last finishing touches are in place, offering support and expert advice [...]

2014 Kitchen Trends – The Five Musts

Growing up, I recall the kitchen as the room where I spent most of my time after school. Once home, I would spread out my books to start my homework and share a few details about my day with my Mother. The kitchen is still the room where my family gathers when we’re together. It’s [...]

2014 Inspiring Raleigh & Wilmington Interior Design

Every now and then North Carolina Design likes to chat with our favorite designers about what inspires them, what challenges them, and how they work their particular brand of magic. Recently, we caught up with Wilmington and Raleigh interior designer, Angela Crittenden, owner of Teal Interior Design, to find out more about her design preferences [...]

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