2014 Trends In Kitchen Cabinet Design

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What’s changed in the cabinetry of today’s kitchen – besides the sheer beauty and artistry of it? The true versatility. No longer do you place everything on a fixed shelf then rummage blindly for whatever you want. There are incredible options available today, which give you the perfect function for your kitchen. To find out more about what’s new in cabinetry, we recently caught up with veteran Raleigh remodelers Dave and Peggy Mackowski of Quality Design and Construction. This award-winning team has been creating knock out kitchens throughout the Triangle for years. Peggy and Dave work closely with cabinetry of all kinds, and they kindly shared with North Carolina Design their insights about innovations in cabinet design.

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“In the past, a carpenter would come in and build cabinets onsite,” Dave explains. “There was no such thing as standard sizes – he would basically make everything fit to the room, and cabinets were very inconsistent from one house to another. The cabinets were simple, built with fixed shelves and blind corners. The carpenter would finish them by hand, with results that were sometimes uneven.”

Peggy adds, “Today we have standard sizes, which in most cases can be used to fit a homeowner’s kitchen appliances. If we need custom sizes, we can order them. Today, we are also able to provide consistency in the finish. Factory finishes are now more controlled and more durable because they have the equipment to do it right.”

A strong feature of today’s cabinets is the creative and customized storage solutions they offer homeowners. One such solution is the use of large, deep drawers for dishes rather than cabinet shelves. “Drawers are more accessible,” Peggy explains. “They keep dishes in easy reach for everyone. Custom dish organizers with metal or wooden posts are great for keeping everything in its place.”

Pullouts offer a solution to crowded cabinets, where items can get lost in the shuffle. “Pullout cabinets allow you to plan space correctly,” Peggy notes. “The things that are less used to go to the back of the cabinet now and are easy to access when you need them. You can also make full use of your space by customizing your shelf height and adding extra rollout trays.”

Appliance garages are a great way to keep a kitchen looking tidy. “You can hide different countertop appliances to reduce clutter on your counters,” Dave explains. “We have clients who love to bake – and the Kitchenaid mixer cabinet is a great option. The mixer is permanently mounted to a shelf, and a mechanical arm allows it to be pulled out and up to counter level. You don’t have to keep it on the countertop or lug it out of a cabinet to use it. It has its own special space.”

There are drawers that thoughtfully organize cutlery and silverware, storage cabinets for mops, brooms and trash cans, as well as slim pull out cabinets placing every spice imaginable right at your fingertips. Perhaps you prefer those spices racked on the back of a cabinet door – that can also be done. A place for everything and everything in its place. Dave and Peggy have thought of it all.

Wine has become increasingly popular, and more and more people are opting to add wine storage to their kitchens. “ Rather than open wine racks, homeowners are choosing to store their wine in refrigerated wine coolers and beverage centers.” Dave affirms. “Eighty percent of kitchens we do have a wine refrigerator.”

Quality Design and Construction is committed to meeting the specific needs of homeowners and providing them the ultimate in functionality, so Dave and Peggy are excited about today’s cabinetry options. “I love how they maximize storage in a minimum amount of space,” notes Peggy. “Most importantly, they eliminate barriers and make kitchens more functional for people of any ability, which is our ultimate goal.”

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