Meet Me Over At Hooker Furniture

Last week, so much in North Carolina was abuzz with the Fall 2013 High Point Furniture Market. I know it was an exciting and busy week for my friends over at Hooker Furniture. I was delighted prior to the Market when Hooker Furniture asked for a guest blog from North Carolina Design. No problem, I [...]

The Finest In NC Residential Design

I’ve said before that my pulse does quicken when my email contains unseen images of home interiors and exteriors, just waiting for me to open them. A few weeks ago, it was visually like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up in a bow together. My cup, or my email, runneth over. I’d been asked [...]

Fashion Is Forward At Fall 2013 High Point Furniture Market

The High Point Furniture Market is upon us once again, and if you’re like me, you’re more than a little excited to see what wonderful things await us. Eddie Merrell, of E.F. Merrell Group, in High Point, has years of experience in the furniture industry, as well as a finger on the pulse of what’s [...]

Mountain Interior Design At Its Best

It’s official. As I walked my dog, Macbeth, yesterday morning, I felt the first hint of a chill in the air. The coolness had me wistfully thinking that this would be the perfect time of year for a getaway to Western North Carolina. I’m a highly visual person, and the images my mind was conjuring [...]

Serving Up Dream Kitchens …. Now!

Has the moment for your dream kitchen arrived? Realizing your goals for storage, function, budget and overall design are just some of the reasons that working with a professional makes a lot of sense. Kitchen design is about far more than selecting cabinetry and countertops. Add in the coordination of the contractor, all the other [...]

Design Professionals Creating A Real Sense Of Place

There’s no doubt that living rooms, family rooms and dens are the rooms we live in which convey a real sense of place. They have the ability to let us feel immediately at ease at the end of a long day and greet our guests with a warm welcome as they enter our homes. Each [...]

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens: Unmasking The Indentities!

Creativity abounds in these living rooms, family rooms and dens. Like our Readers, I truly loved every entry in this year’s 2013 Living In Style Reader’s Choice Contest. You’ve seen the winner and runner up. Today, North Carolina Design is excited to reveal the identities of the first group of amazingly talented professionals behind the [...]

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