A “Show & Tell” With A Great Mountain View

It’s been a while since we have had one of our Show & Tell features. Today we hear from Amy Conner-Murphy, AIA, of the Asheville architecture and interior design firm, ACM Design. In her own words Amy shares with us a little from both her professional and personal side. Images Courtesy of ACM Design When [...]

Classic Interior Design Of A Young Girl’s Bedroom

As one of our favorite Winston-Salem Interior Designers, June Delugas, of June Delugas Interiors, shares with us today the challenges of carrying a specific design scheme throughout the entire home – specifically into the room of a client’s young daughter. How does June satisfy the client’s design wishes while adding in a bit of whimsy [...]

Say What?! Interior Design Contest Comments

We have encouraged you, our readers, to vote during the month of August in our Living In Style Interior Design Contest – and you are! Designers across North Carolina continue to submit their Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Dens. It has been our pleasure to showcase some of the best traditional and contemporary interior design [...]

Using Color To Personalize Design

Over the years, I could not venture a guess as to the number of interior design websites I have visited. Countless? Not exactly, but it certainly is quite a few. In their own words, most designers express their desire to reflect the personality and style of their clients. The fabrics, furnishings, artwork, and personal collections [...]

Traditional & Contemporary Designs Embrace Natural Light

If you are like me, you have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the entries to our North Carolina Design Living In Style Interior Design Contest. Each possesses its own unique sense of style. It makes me wish I had the pleasure of meeting the homeowners that these interiors were designed for. I know that would give me [...]

The “Average” Living Room – Not Hardly!

My mind is a steel trap for out of the ordinary information. You know, the kind of things that would make me a great “Phone A Friend” on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. For example, did you know that all of the platinum ever mined would fit inside the average living room? That one [...]

Living Rooms & Dens: Warm, Comfortable & Inviting

What words best describe a well designed living room, family room or den? Comfortable, inviting, gracious, warm, and elegant are just a few of the words that come to mind. To me, every one of the entries in our Living In Style Interior Design Contest makes me want “sit long and talk much.” I have [...]

Delighting In The Details – Living Rooms & Dens

Many people know that prior to our online format, my sister Suzanne and I printed an annual publication showcasing notable interior designers, craftsmen, retailers and other home professionals from across the state. My favorite part of building the magazine was reviewing the photography. It was a like Christmas. Receiving photography for our Living In Style [...]

Inspiring North Carolina Living Spaces

When it comes to interior design, I believe that North Carolina interior design firms abound in innovative talent. Through classic detail, contemporary styling and cutting edge design, interior designers across our state creatively express their vision. Today we present the first entries in our Living In Style Interior Design Contest. During the month of August [...]

NC Design Kitchen Contest Winner & Entrants Revealed

Throughout the month of July our NC Design Kitchen Contest has received hundreds of votes from followers of our blog. Viewers from across the state have made their votes count for every one of our entries. I would personally find it very easy to entertain, cook, and gather with family and friends in every one [...]

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