The Appeal Of White In Design

Much has been said recently about the abundance of color we are seeing in design. Charlotte Interior Designer Anita Holland of Anita Holland Interiors shares with North Carolina Design her thoughts on the use of white within the realm of design. Images Courtesy of Anita Holland Interiors Photography by Dustin Peck It will not be [...]

Heart Of the Home: Review of Kitchen Contest Entries

The kitchen is the room that breathes life into the home. So many of the moments that we celebrate as families occur within our kitchens. It makes sense that it’s one of the first spaces that homeowners want to update when they move into a home. From kitchens designed for those who love to cook [...]

Reinventing The Wheel – The Art Of Repurposing In Design

Designers are always using items in creative ways in order to breathe new life into a space. Michael Steiner, of Steiner Design Interiors, has earned a reputation for his ability to see the potential in the most mundane and ordinary of objects – reinventing, recreating or refurbishing them into specialty pieces that make a room [...]

Good Morning Sunshine!

I have been accused of not being a morning person. Grrrrrrrr. I won’t debate the point. I will say that if I was greeted by sunlight filling my kitchen the same way it does this kitchen – I would always start my days on a positive note and much more in focus! Beautiful maple cabinetry. [...]

A Well Dressed Kitchen

When entertaining, the kitchen is the room where guests invariably congregate. Those cooking don’t have to worry about being far from the excitement or conversation. When I have a dinner party, I love that people continue to gather there as I am preparing our meal. Thinking about it, I can almost hear the laughter and [...]

Universal Design – Improving Accessibility For All

Shortly after college, I had surgery on both knees – at the same time. With casts on both legs, the greatest difficulty I had during my recovery was getting around inside my own home. Living in a townhouse, I quickly grew tired of camping out in the living room and taking bird baths in the [...]

Kitchens & More Kitchens!

We have three more beautiful kitchens today that have been submitted to our Kitchen Design Contest. I love opening up photography. For someone in my job, it’s like unwrapping a gift, and you just can’t wait to see what you’ve been given! Today’s entries do not disappoint. Readers – your votes determine who wins this [...]

Beautiful White Kitchens

So, we said, “Hey, North Carolina Kitchen Designers, Show Us Your Kitchens!” And you listened! Today our kitchen design contest is off to a fantastic start with two beautiful kitchens… dressed in white, so to speak. I personally love white kitchens, so it’s a good thing I am not voting. You, the readers get to [...]

Hey, NC Kitchen Designers – Show Us Your Kitchens!

We are excited to announce our first NC Design Online contest! Starting July 1st, eligible participants will have the opportunity to win an entire year of advertising – for free! Throughout the month of July, we will showcase the entries we receive of kitchens designed by North Carolina companies. Interested? Your firm may submit an [...]

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