Hooker Furniture – A Rhapsody At The Spring Market

If you’re an interior designer or home goods manufacturer, the Spring High Point Market is one of the most exciting times of the year. I was indeed fortunate to catch up with Kim Shaver, Vice President of Marketing Communications at Hooker Furniture, yesterday while the Market was still in full swing. I asked Kim if [...]

High Point Market Spring 2012 – A Colorful Delight

Anyone who is remotely connected with interior design knows that High Point is the place to be this week. Wall Streeters talk so often about ‘the market,’ but right now, the market that holds the attention of so many throughout North Carolina and across the country is the High Point Market. Spring ’12 High Point [...]

Preserving The Past – One Home At A Time

While some people relish the idea of restoring a historic home to its former glory, such a restoration is a much harder and more involved process than it may seem. If you ask Wilmington interior designer and historic preservation specialist Debby Gomulka of Debby Gomulka Designs, it’s just another day on the job. Images of [...]

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