A Heartfelt Thank You

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I had a wonderful holiday interview that I was all set to post yesterday. Alas, here at my Western North Carolina Christmas destination, getting “unplugged”  has meant no internet connection was available, even when I wanted one. Having just driven miles of this beautiful and very quiet area of the [...]

Holiday Décor Filled With Christmas Memories

This time of year, memories of growing up come to mind ––  visits to Santa, annual parades, the one Christmas when we actually had snow on the ground. Unlike Ralphie from the movie, A Christmas Story, I can’t recall anything I had to have. Thinking back, one of my fondest seasonal recollections is of the [...]

Lighting: The Jewelry Of Design

It can be said that lighting is the jewelry of design. It adds warmth and dimension to a space, illuminating its best features. To find out how lighting brings a home to life, we spoke to Carter Skinner, a Raleigh architectural designer. NCD: How do you use lighting to showcase the best aspects of a [...]

Design Reflections On Mirrors

When I moved into my first “real” home, my mother arrived at my door with a housewarming gift – a mirror. She informed me that it was the ”one absolute must” for the foyer of my new home. Who was I to argue? I’ve since learned that mirrors are not only decorative and functional, they [...]

Is It Contemporary or Modern Design?

When it comes to identifying an interior as “Contemporary” or “Modern,” I confess that I hesitate before answering. My answer sometimes sounds more like a question. There are those who consider the two terms to be synonymous. While I know that’s not the case, I recently I decided to better educate myself on the difference [...]

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