Anatomy Of A Custom Kitchen: Before & After

Whether you’re an avid cook or you just like to enjoy a cup of coffee each morning at your kitchen table, having a kitchen that inspires you and meets all of your needs is a dream come true. Designer Gina Arledge of  The Kitchen Studio in Greensboro knows something about making kitchen dreams a reality. [...]

Give Your Thanksgiving Table a Fresh Look This Season

There are three things your Thanksgiving table must be: warm, inviting and beautiful. You can accomplish all three in ways that go far beyond the traditional pine cone wreath centerpiece. We’ve compiled a number of table décor ideas for those of you looking for some fresh inspiration this year. Photo Courtesy of Civixen Use Flowers [...]

Comfort: The Feel Good Principle Of Design

Not so long ago, home design was centered around showcasing a person’s individual style, and comfort took a backseat. Today, comfort, style and function are equally important to homeowners, and a designer’s focus is on thoughtfully blending all three. To find out more about how and why comfort influences today’s designs, we recently talked to [...]

Delicious Thanksgiving Dining

It’s that time of year again! It’s hard not to love Thanksgiving—the festivity, the food, the family gatherings—but when you’re the host, it can a bit stressful to pull it all together. This guest post appears courtesy of our friends at Hooker Furniture. We thank them for sharing tips with us on how to make [...]

Flowers – Nature’s Accent on Interior Design

I recently went to visit my parents at the beach for a long weekend. Walking into the kitchen, I was greeted by a beautiful vase of cut flowers. It wasn’t an unusual sight. Any time I visit, my Mother always has fresh flowers in their home. They are they indeed a visual delight, and the [...]

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